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  1. Elysian drop troopers - love the lore behind them and they are unique in terms of how they operate. Mordant Acid dogs - especially the 13th and model for Colonel Bane

  2. I think it would come down to the writing, direction and other actors around him.

  3. The old Corax white was chalky and horrible. Totally agree with you that.

  4. I say ignore it. Unless you intend to be sexual with your friend, you owe no explanation as to your sexual preferences.

  5. I’ll add this to the post for context, as I realise it’s not clear.

  6. It’s the new lexicon purple contrast. The red is blood angels red.

  7. Probably the latter, I don’t have the paint to hand to spell it correctly.

  8. I think Eddie’s looks is fine and works for his character.

  9. If it’s anything like AOS chaos knights and blood warriors (both of which I’m using in kit bashing some khorne lads), the answer is very much yes.

  10. Fingers crossed, was it asda that did the same cheap meals for children as well?

  11. Ask him why he feels that way, give him a chance to explain. He may have misunderstandings about bisexuality, and this could explain his reaction. It gives him a chance to grow as a person and might save your relationship.

  12. I used to have something similar in my old workplace. Was the youngest in the office at 34.

  13. I don’t think it’s acting like a child to not acknowledge them if they refuse to treat me like an adult. I was 34 at the end of the day, if that’s not being an adult, then please tell me at what age does one become an adult?

  14. ohh i thought meant the movement itself not the newer acronym lol, sorry

  15. That is what I meant; I’m well aware of the movement being around for a very long time. The acronym wasn’t very present in 2004; and compared to today I remember people still being less tolerant of any lgbt persons in that time.

  16. She is wrong. Reading a vice article, a geocities page and a single news article does not make her an expert on the subject.

  17. That’s is awesome. Love good it looks, the blue especially is really nice

  18. Shropshire is such a lovely safe county and then there’s Telford.

  19. Thanks, go ahead. It’s not theft, it’s called inspiration.

  20. How did you attach these wings and what are they from??

  21. The wings are from yndrassa the celestial spear (I think that’s the right spelling) and stuck on with super glue.

  22. No, these are from Yndrasta, the celestial spear.

  23. Don’t buy every single game. Here’s some recommendations;

  24. Let me guess, you used the other halves of these two kits to make those walking turrets people love to kitbash?

  25. No, used the legs on an ork trukk and I’m planning to use the turret on an invader atv

  26. At the minute only the army box has been announced. You’re looking at £120 -£130 (sorry British so I work in pound sterling)

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