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  1. The interdimensional elves are the UFO/UAP/NHI phenomenon.

  2. Yes! Thank you. What they are called depends on the belief system of those that see them

  3. Trump is mobbed up and has isis up his dirty asshole 🤣

  4. Idk bout isis, or the cleanliness of the butthole. But he is mobbed up. But so was jfk

  5. I know, that was my response! Glad I’m helping get the word out

  6. i am not “gone”. although it’s funny i was considering contacting TJDS to hand the sub over to them. i’d prefer to do that instead of handing to another random reddit user, if i step down

  7. This is it, the only comment that needs made. Lock the thread

  8. That’s a solid argument (most people only pretend to be racist or sexist because that’s what they were taught they were supposed to be. He’s probably just acting tough around his homophobic (he thinks) friends.)

  9. I’m sorry but the one on the bottom kinda looks like an alien. (Which is what mermaids are)

  10. Actually it means coming from another place. But I was talking about aliens with ufos. The government recently relabeled ufos to include underwater craft

  11. Yup the white room… the “Waiting Room” right before a breakthrough dose. Happened to me

  12. Did you actually read that, because nowhere in it did it say the the US government could just control prices anyway they wanted. Why would you share a link that does not support your thesis.

  13. Nowhere in the article does it explain how the gas prices are effected by ukraine getting invaded. They’re making everyone else suffer just to weaken Russia

  14. You’re the one who claimed it was because of Ukraine , now you’re rebutting you’re own argument. And the war affects prices because Europe and the us put sanctions on Russia for the invasion.

  15. After the US used ukraine to poke at Russia.

  16. oh shit fr? i just ate it. ive made another post with more pictures tho edit: +3 beers

  17. im one hour in. dont rly feel much. the shroom was less then a g, dont know exactly how much but so i guess u can call it a micro/ mini dose?

  18. If it was an ink cap, don’t drink alcohol within 48 hours, make sure u know for sure before eating a mushroom

  19. Does your course look like the video?

  20. Oh you’re one of those middle class people….

  21. Um it tastes like an itouch 2g… sorry, on acid right now, just thought you should know

  22. Wait, so who’s dancing style was it?!!

  23. That’s funny cuz the word “republicans” triggered a response from you that had nothing to do with what I wrote. A response that you heard from someone else and thought it was a good line so you use it all the time. How did I know?!

  24. The point was the setup. I’m sorry, I may be misunderstanding what you’re saying. Can you explain how it relates?

  25. Coke 2 nights ago, didn't realise that would have some sort of cross tolerance

  26. Oh, my bad, I don’t think it does. Stuff like molly or shrooms has cross tolerance. Idk man.

  27. It was my first time taking it, so I didn't really know what to expect but i just felt sober

  28. I’ve never tried it but I’m 100% sure that you’re supposed to feel something. I hear it’s like lsd and ecstasy had a baby. Oh are you on any psych meds?

  29. Kinda partially digests them. That way the psilocybin gets absorbed faster. Normally the mushroom has to rehydrate with stomach acid and then get ground up in your stomach

  30. There is literal evidence Epstein is a sex trafficker. Qanon is a bunch of 4Chan trolls playing with the biggest morons on the planet. Or did you not pick up on that the 56th time Q announced the exact date Hillary was being arrested

  31. No, I didn’t know about Q until after it was all over. So I was really asking. I thought Epstein was part of a bigger sex trafficking conspiracy of providing teens to the elites. After his death and maxwells trial nothing happened. That’s what pizza gate was, wasn’t it? Kids were being provided to the elites. The actual pizza shop was just a misdirection to make the idea sound crazy. There really are rich pedophiles in the government, and Epstein was proof of that. At least proof enough to investigate deeper.

  32. Of course there are rich pedophiles. But it's not Tom Hanks and Hillary Clinton raping babies and drinking their blood for adrenachrome. It's Bill Clinton, Trump, Dershowitz with Epstein all in plain sight.

  33. I have a hard time believing Tom hanks too. How do you split up Hilary and bill tho? You know they’re married right? Anyway, it’s hard to believe Tom hanks but you’re just picking and choosing who you want to believe is responsible. (And the child sacrifice and gaining youthful energy via plasma transfusions are 2 different things the rich do. They play it as “drinking baby blood” so you write it off as crazy)

  34. You can dm me if you want me to walk u through the actual full fix bro @Sanferuto

  35. It’d be cool if you posted it on here for everyone

  36. In the US’s defence, they regularly fund wars in other countries to destabilize them. So why is everyone so mad about it now? Oh wait, that’s why terrorist groups were created.

  37. People don't have a problem with each other, it's the governments that want to collect money and power

  38. I agree, maybe you misunderstood my last comment. I can see how it had an argumentative tone to it

  39. Like 10 years ago I lived up on keystone avenue in Reno and was hanging out my upstairs window smoking a cigarette. I could see downtown and there were 2 or 3 ufos just floating next to the tall hotels. Like they were watching through the window

  40. SS: I notice the statue is back on liberty Island like it should be but for a few years it was on Ellis Island.

  41. I thought it was Ellis island, never heard of liberty island

  42. We wait until they go into a place that doesn’t allow guns, then we take it out the glove box or center console

  43. It stops enough people that I’ve gotten over 15 free guns over the years.

  44. Some people only care about what’s popular

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