1. Seniors don’t have to make up snow days in high school usually so my friend and I always joked we wanted to be snowed in, like absolutely slammed our senior year. Joke was on us we graduated in 2015

  2. I KNOW IM TRANSMASC AND COULD NOT GROW MY MUSCLE EVEN THO I WAS A TOTAL GYM RAT. Then they put me on t and it was thru the roof. Legit the workouts right before my shots are so much harder. You really need to be actively making it to benefit from it

  3. I got your vibe brother! It’s crazy how much getting the right levels fixes.

  4. You can look at the plan documents at aetnastudenthealth.com and select BU in the drop down. you’ll want the SBC (summary of benefits and coverage) for the basic plan at the bottom. U can get ur member ID there too after it starts 8/15

  5. The idea that people don't support this is only affirming my belief that my existence is threatened. I don't understand what to do.

  6. It’s not that people don’t support it! It’s that Terfs have gotten a hold of it and spread it to their circles. So we can get it to our circles- send it to your gay friends and allies; work with ur school clubs, make friends with your disability awareness clubs and Black Student Unions and sign their petitions and get them to sign ours. This is what grassroots looks like; you’re not alone. Even in our darkest moments we have always had each other

  7. I thought title ix already protected trans people? Is this just making the language more explicit?

  8. So the 2020 Supreme Court ruling made the legal interpretation of a title ix apply to discrimination based on gender identity but the Supreme Court has already reversed Roe (a cornerstone of many current decisions that confirm our rights because of the courts initial interpretation of the right to privacy). Republican Justices have already called for a review of these cases meaning anything not codified into the actual text of the law can be disregarded if this rogue court overturns the cases which they seem intent on doing and can do at anytime. Adding the language will remove the courts ability to exclude us from its interpretation

  9. You’ll get the full refund if it’s approved at any point. Honestly no need to pay it before the 8/04 deadline (email after it’s approved if you see a late fee pop up, they’d remove it pretty much automatically for something like that) but if ur on campus u will need to bring ur balance below 1k to move in. You’d have to pay the 2500 or so and then take a refund later

  10. It’s pretty much automatic when it’s on the university. Just pay what you expect to pay after aid and email studenta either now for an extension or when the aid comes on and they’ll clear any fees that may have come on. Probs won’t hear for a while but they’ll take it off when they hit the email

  11. How long does the waiver take to give a decision. I wish i knew this sooner and didn't have to be so worried about time.

  12. No, I’d get the SHIP waiver in now if you haven’t, just because it does take a while for anything to go through Fin Aid or SAS and you’ll most likely have to update them and you don’t want to be pushing it close to move in. I think you can only submit the cost-appeal once too. If you get a denial from the cost appeal before the Ship waiver just wait for the SHip one to come in from Gallagher and then respond to Fin Aid; both will come to your BU email

  13. You’re welcome! It’s a lot of info that’s not communicated well. Had to spend a lot of time on the phone with them my first few years but then one of my friends worked in the firstpoint area and that cleared up a lot of the background stuff. (Apparently when you dig deep there actually is some logic to how everything is organized, like from an internal perspective)

  14. No if you’re a full time student you won’t be charged late fees for anything below 1k on your account. It’s due before the next billing deadline (if it goes above 1k you’d get a hold though). No need to call either that’s the base policy

  15. Make sure you call housing first; they just xfer u to housing and the line for Student Accounting is ridiculous

  16. Fenway health is really good if you don’t go thru shs and just like a 15 minute walk from campus plus they do telehealth and will mail your scripts once you’re cleared (I think they even just need to clear you if you get injectable hormones), you can tell it’s queer oriented care. They’ll get you a behavioral health specialist appointment too so you have letters of recommendation to seek like surgeries too. I had T within 2 weeks. Like I tried for years through my pcp and there was no support to get through the hoops and I’m even from mass. At Fenway they know exactly what you need and will help you schedule to get it

  17. That all has to go on one by one. Generally they should be on there by mid July so no need to worry yet and probs not worth the long ass wait

  18. Someone there told me They go on one by one because it’s like based on ur individual data; expected scholarships can go on in like a big batch as a pending item because that’s internal but loans/grants need to be certified individually because it’s Gov money not BU money. I’d say mid July if you don’t see anything by then call financial aid

  19. If you’re having an issue still by payment deadline you should reach out to student accounting to make sure they don’t put a late fee on there.

  20. oh yeah i'll make sure to do that and if i don't get the finalized aid by july i'll start being pushy again.

  21. If your aid covers the whole bill (or brings it below $1000) then it probably wouldn’t matter. (They can award the same cost of attendance if you live off campus and you can request a refund on what would have gone to on campus housing to use for housing off campus or books or whatever, they’d send this out at the beginning of the semester). I’ve heard that off campus is cheaper, but the main benefit is if you aren’t able to get the funds for your whole bill before the fall deadline at least you won’t have to worry about where you’re going to stay. The nonpayment hold prevents things like changing registration or adding convenience points but it doesn’t block access to classes and blackboard, so you’d be able to pay the remainder throughout the semester/before registering. It is its own beast to wrangle but at least you won’t be turned away if youre having trouble and it would be easier than moving in and out between each year, especially if youre not returning to a place with no rent (short term leases can be pricey).

  22. Send the scholarship documentation to both financial aid and student accounts,

  23. They started me at 50 mg every 2 weeks. I did intramuscular shots and the script was 200mg/ml so it .25ml in the leg

  24. It’s like a soft masc name to me! I’ve always been a fan

  25. It wouldn’t be silly! First of all you should celebrate every occasion you can second of all it’s an anniversary!

  26. Literally what are they gaining from making everything business as usually. These are dangerous conditions. Where these people draw the line is just beyond me

  27. Saw a 2 bu mail trucks crash into each other from the conditions on Buick St. they’re doing it to themselves

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