1. I love my unifi cameras, but for the price how are they not using h265. I could stream my lorex cameras via vlc at 4k with no hiccups

  2. Why does this look exactly like the one you posted yesterday and marked sold

  3. So my claim status is also stuck, I can create letters that reflect a new increased rating and p&t, and received retro pay for the difference

  4. Hi, I’ve worked in the city garages doing access control work and I’ll pass along this little nugget I learned:

  5. So I took my eaos -180 days and made that my skill bridge start date, took 30 days of terminal at the end so program was really only 150 days

  6. My command says no dice, they have it in their mind that no one can leave before the 120 day mark (IAW what they think the NAVADMIN says), i fought and lost that battle and am just trying to figure out if i need to fill out any paperwork or kiss those 20 days goodbye now

  7. In no case shall SkillBridge participation begin any earlier than 180 days prior to actual separation/retirement date. Sailors may not use leave or any other authorized absence to begin a SkillBridge program greater than 180 days from separation. Any approved separation, terminal leave, and permissive temporary duty (TDY) shall occur following SkillBridge

  8. Pretty big pieces, so unless printing with a big nozzle Im betting each piece takes a bit to print, then is hand painted, I'd assume multiple coats, time is money, some people value theirs

  9. How long did it take you between enrolling for Early Beta Access and getting the update?

  10. I've been enrolled since I bought it 9100 miles ago and drive at least 30 miles a day on autopilot

  11. Wow… lol. So you saw the update on your phone and then were able to update it next time you got in car? Congrats!

  12. Woke up and had an available update, researched and saw that was a fsd beta firmware number

  13. The way it’s intended to be is you have it end and use terminal so you can double dip (get active duty and your civilian job pay)

  14. Air suspension, larger overall car, slightly longer range than a performance

  15. Sounds like typical root cause troubleshooting, roll back to stock then eliminate that an aftermarket USB doesn't cause it. 8500miles in with a Samsung SSD and no issues

  16. Forget Twitter fiasco. I have been watching videos in this sub where people are vandalizing Teslas with out provocation 🤐 I am in the market for a new vehicle but some times I do wonder about unwanted attention Teslas are getting.

  17. Thank heavens no other ev/ phev gets negative attention, Prius owner enters the chat

  18. No, but I think if similar stuff happened at other companies we would know about it.

  19. Would you though, foxconn doesn't have the best track record, but you don't see Apple's CEO active online so you just ignore where the product comes from and keep buying

  20. If you check the notifications does it explain. Got disengaged earlier, checked the notifications and was disabled due to the b pillar being obstructed, think some glare, or over the weekend it was full of condensation

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