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  1. If you’re in Wales you should be able to get 6 sessions for free with your GP and if you need more then they should refer you. Not sure about the other countries though. But first regardless ring the GP and explain and see if you can get an appointment or call back. Hope she gets the help she needs

  2. The nhs waiting list for mh support is notoriously very long so id recommend if your going to do this reach out to charities or another source at the same time

  3. Yes my wife was on the waiting list for 12+ months and in that time her situation worsened tenfold. Ended up having 4 emergency mental health appointments plus a team coming out daily for welfare checks for 12 weeks. Theeeeen they took away all her medication that was helping her because the gp said she doesn’t needs them.

  4. You got some good milky trichs there. Could cut but I’d leave it a little while looks like you still have you g pistols

  5. Is it just white men? Idk man sometimes it feels good on the grass or a nice warm pavement or floor it’s just comfortable

  6. Maybe it's not just white men, but seriously those are the only types of people I see walking around on the sidewalk barefoot. I just don't understand how you avoid getting injured or track dirt into your house.

  7. Wash feet or wipe feet down before you enter? And if you hit a stone then so be it. You know what you got yourself into

  8. Fire force is pretty good for drama and action, mob 100 maybe up your alley, I haven’t watched anything for a while so my memory is blank

  9. Why the fuck why me? What the hell SO?

  10. Waking up in the morning, spending 12 hours awake, waking up in the morning, cooking for the family every day, oh and waking up in the morning.

  11. I switched this morning to an amber vial with screw cap & orifice cover

  12. I’d shave just the main part of your pubes and balls. Not the groin otherwise it’ll be like you said pink bare circle around and it’ll look weird

  13. I noticed no one responded to you. It is very poor advice taken in isolation, and I hope she has subsequently improved? What they talk about is part of a larger piece of therapeutic behaviour but for someone in a suicidal crisis mode, intervention is critical and is more often chemical and in a clinical environment. I sincerely hope things have improved for you both

  14. Hi sorry this is also late. I mean she has sort of improved. She is doing therapy but what they’re asking her she just can’t do purely for being in pain constantly then stuck in depressive episodes for to long.

  15. No. You need to add the naphtha to it, then lightly mix several times. Siphon off the naphtha and put that in your dish to freeze.

  16. Sorry this is late but that was two years ago dude. Thank you for the explanation though. I’ve done this method several times I’m just waiting to have the balls to try a different method.

  17. The Nordic Mythology Podcast is a good start. It covers more than just the myths, and also points out more good sources to learn.

  18. Yeah defiantly to get lower buds some light. Take a few of the damaged ones off and then some o the bigger fan leaves to open up the plant for light

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