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  1. They're not approved by the FDA for trans care, they're known to cause side effects including lack of bone density, and there are no long-term studies on safety.

  2. If you focus on the negative side effects you could apply that to logic ANY medication but, go ahead be okay with taking away the thing that helps provide good outcome for other human beings because it sounds scary to you

  3. It's not the same. You have every right to be a plague rat just know that morally speaking you're an ill on society since you don't care about your fellow person enough to get a vaccination. Forcing somebody to go through a life threatening situation (which is what pregnancies are) isn't comparable to asking the populace to get fully vaxxed

  4. They weren't even if I grant that they were vaccine mandates aren't a new thing. If you want your kid to go to a public school you have to get them vaxxed. When it affects an entire population personal autonomy doesn't matter but in private matters it does end of story.

  5. Also by that logic the Bible should be banned as well this is so fucking stupid.

  6. Thet went so far in the closet they came out the otherside to carry water for their oppressors.

  7. There will always be pick me types. "You see I have a connection with the leopard it won't eat MY face" it's sad really.

  8. If this is what his constituents want to say to Ted Cruz, why do they keep electing him?

  9. Because the "right" to be. hateful seems to be too enticing for some Texans.

  10. I hope they have contingency plans for this. This is not an unexpected reaction by the right. I’m Just glad that they weren’t so scared of domestic terrorism that they didn’t execute the warrant.

  11. I'm sure they have a bunch of the more unhinged ones on a watchlist. It wouldn't surprise me one bit that these idiots will be arrested the second they try something.

  12. Yeah that's going according to the nut case's plans. Because an educated population rejects what they're trying to pull

  13. For real as a trans woman I have vested interest in keeping this idiot out of office but knowing the area I live in it could go either way.

  14. Whitners favored but I think people forget how so many people hate her cause of lockdowns.

  15. Yeah. Imagine hating somebody for having the public's best interest at heart.

  16. I want it. (Damn Spiro making me crave pickles /hj) I'll take 5.

  17. Been waiting for those racists to say they have a problem with Loving. Now quick, get it to the SC so Thomas can rule against his own marriage.

  18. I have a feeling Thomas wants out of his relationship but he's "Morally opposed" to divorce. On the other hand it's unsurprising the fascists have become open about their plans not enough is being done to stop them.

  19. Because they're Nazis. And I don't use that term lightly a lot of them are literally Nazis.

  20. Yeah they wanna make sure the people never have a say on anything again. It honestly nuts that we're living through what seems to be the fall of the US.

  21. Yep the goal is the genocide of multiple groups and anyone who denies this fact is ignorant or is complicit.

  22. Good luck on your transition sis! 💖 I really hope to one day find someone like your roommate and for us to happily live together...

  23. Thanks! I'm sure you'll find a "roommate" of your own eventually.

  24. Nobody did any forcing though. The organizers’ rules don’t match up with state laws and they didn’t want to change their rules.

  25. And the law is beyond stupid downright dangerous even so you know as a company you have to minimize liability so cancelling was the safest option since Georgia can't be arsed to think.

  26. The logic is blatantly ignorant and obviously politically motivated. A large percentage of lawful possessors is far safer than a small percentage of unlawful possessors surrounded by the disarmed. I wouldn’t go to a concert in downtown fucking Atlanta without a gun because it’s Atlanta. Blame yourselves for people wanting to feel safe and the venues not allowing it. If everyone would arm themselves then this would be a non issue but apparently self preservation is partisan

  27. More guns isn't the answer to America's gun problem, that's apparently is unsolvable.

  28. So many fucking idiots in the comments section. You'd think that there's some botting going on. Like Jesus... People are worked up over expanding protections to include more people in a functional society that'd be seen as a good thing.

  29. It's not close, it takes even more states to change it (3/4 as opposed to 2/3 to call the convention).

  30. Take into account what's on the supreme court docket though and the future doesn't look bright. ie. giving state legislatures the ability to throw out election results.

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