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  1. There is no level of stupidity for some girls and they are just like those girls, I am glad that I am nothing like that, feels good to be that type of a person man, so good.

  2. That’s a standard millitary issue tactical puppy.

  3. I could not find the thingy tht peels the optatoes so I asked the kids...

  4. First world problems? Can not afford a cup for your lait?

  5. I'dn't say Madoka is super similar but it scratched that same itch that I had for more eva

  6. Ive loved her since ever.Shes so gorgeous! Girl crush! Lol and canadian too! Woop!

  7. It is butt:cheeks.(Notice the colon in the middle)

  8. What's the difference between USA and USB?

  9. Litterally just saw this on FB as to ‟tell how you live in Tennessee”.

  10. I find it fascinating how old the car looks, and how modern those missiles lok. Of course I have spent more time looking at cars than missiles but they’re fairly modern looking, with stabilizing fins and at least a rudimentary guidance system. Compared to a car that has the same fueling and mechanical system as a Model A.

  11. In all serious though. If you're having a bad trip. Change what you're oding. If you start to feel it get rough. Listen to some good songs. Play a video game where you've to focus a lot . My tips ✌️

  12. And decided to do it over and over again.

  13. Farded and shidded and cam my pant

  14. Teh first one is from Vietnam. Soldier in the foreground has an M-16.

  15. Glasses make look better and then acn also see better.A win-win imo

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