1. Our most popular Dutch-language pop singer's greatest hit is about how he has a thing for an underage girl. The chorus goes something like "she's only 16 years old, if only I were younger, she would have been mine". Everybody was totally OK with that and didn't find that at all creepy...

  2. I just bought the first book of 'de Volksjury' (true crime podcast), as well as pre-ordered their second one! It's a nice little early Christmas gift to myself, very much looking forward to reading them with a candle and a glass of wine.

  3. Aahh I'm so excited to watch it later!! Definitely gonna cry.

  4. What in the 2am Taco Bell,fell asleep to anime fever dream is going on here?

  5. Love your hobby! At the moment my two main hobbies are taking care of my plants and playing stardew valley with my boyfriend.

  6. Aww so cute! My cat is called Ripley as well 😊

  7. I think you can get refills at Colruyt, you can ask one of the cashiers when you come in and they'll help you!

  8. two tickets to The Matrix. Took a colleague to the movie in 1999. 23 years later, we're married and have 3 kids. The oldest just graduated from high school. πŸ™‚

  9. Period cup and Chromecast for sure! Couldn't live without both anymore

  10. This!! Period cups are such a life changer! And Chromecast too :)

  11. You got me, ik woon op 5 min van Diest net over de grens

  12. Thinking of something I requested recently... you can order online the 'geen reclame' sticker for free from your municipality voor op uwen brievenbus. Yeay.

  13. Oh nice to know you can order them for free! I thought you could only get them at bpost, but they have awful opening times. 'We are open only on full moon days between 13:00 and 13:02, also sacrifice the soul of your first born.'

  14. I've been working since september after studying for 6 years, university life was fun but I enjoy working way more!

  15. It's nice to read all of your routines! I'm still figuring out how to get the most out of my day since moving into my apartment and working my first job.

  16. I have a collapsible box that I call the "shitbox" that is in the center of my apartment. When I am cleaning or want to reduce some clutter I pick a room, remove all that does not belong in it and place it in the shitbox. from there I can leave it, or go to another room, withdraw anything from the box that belongs there and put it away. Then in that room I fill it up with whatever doesn't belong in the current room and repeat. Target time is 7 mins only, but after you surpass that, it usually goes on for longer.

  17. A house is meant to be lived in, it's okay if it's not perfectly clean all (or most) of the time. I try to keep my place tidy by taking like 10 min in the morning and/or 10 in the evening to do things like dishes, cleaning the table and the sink, putting things back where they belong. I only do a bigger clean like once a week (dusting, vacuuming, bathroom).

  18. Why do you think mouse produced very cartoon-like results, while the others tried to be photorealistic?

  19. I was wondering the same thing, maybe the AI got fed way more pictures of mouse drawings than real mice?

  20. Oh my goodness that's so exciting ☺️

  21. Jesus Christ I feel like this came from the dark web

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