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Shows the Silver Award... and that's it.

When you come across a feel-good thing.

  1. The tower itself is like It's like the engi trap but it only scoops up one bloon and then pops it. Cutting trough 1 layer at a time, unless the bloon it has is like a ceramic, or rainbow, black, the ones who carry several bloons inside. The targeting is like wall of fire, bloon trap, cleansing foam. Like you just select a place on the track that's within the range of the guy

  2. Very cool concept!!! Just one or two things, what do you think of some kinda buff if the fisher is placed near water, because fish = water, etc and also the T5 first Path upgrade is too op I mean can hook a BAD, looks like Boat Paragon, but immensely more cheap and easier. What ever great job. 👍

  3. Mein Opa hat im krieg einen Schokopudding ergattert und ihn nicht losgelassen obwohl er einen Kugel in den Po bekam hahahaha er ist einfach mit seinem Pudding weiter gerannt weil er ihn unbedingt wollte 😂

  4. Can I download them somewhere, would love to play again with tuxedo steve

  5. There will be same places in Ukraine soon...

  6. Nah, they won’t use such gases as they used em in WW1, bc they are banned

  7. Noticed the same thing and in the last picture the ninja limit is 5-2-0

  8. turn your Wi-Fi off and the game wont force you to redeem them

  9. Stramm Junge, erstmal auf Deutsch pfostieren, aber ganz ehrlich starke Leistung 2TC mit den 2 Towern zu meistern

  10. Idk maybe not so wholesome but, we are a German clan but somehow there are some Englisch speaking people in there, so one random dude just translates everything the leader or co-leaders announce so the also can understand it

  11. That’s actually exactly the type of stuff I meant, love to see it :)

  12. Ist die Flagge sowas wie nen mix zwischen lgbtq Zeug und der Deutschland Flagge?

  13. Downvoted mich jetzt nicht aber ich find sowas schon ziemlich übertrieben deswegen die Flagge zu ändern.

  14. Upgrade your defense to the maximum level your th allow and put em inside your walls

  15. Ok, but should I place all my resources outside my walls to make room for defense?

  16. At this Townhall level I would say yes, but later you have to find a balance between these.

  17. Idk if this is a meme but putting your defenses inside helps a lot

  18. Wish I'd known they'd nerfed it before I dug a 80x80x70 pit through deepslate!! A haste beacon would have made it so much easier. The only reason I didn't bother was because of the wither fight. 😄😂😭

  19. i‘d give one indigenous person in America back in 1490s a modern battle tank with muniton, so no ‘murica

  20. Now that is some skill... Man microing for 26 days straight

  21. What do you mean microing, it was an advanced challenge, where LOTNs ability was so fast in regrowing, that it restocked, before it went

  22. Daaaamn! 3:00 underwater while actively swimming, that’s nuts! I could do 2:30 sitting motionlessly, but not anywhere close to that when moving.

  23. Yeah moving burns hell a lot of oxygen I can do 1min while moving but i think I don’t have the right technique

  24. I used to do this as a kid at my local pool. What you describe is completely correct. I could only manage about 1.5 lengths, but I didn't have flippers so I used my arms in exaggerated breaststroke and an extended glide.

  25. I think closing your eyes helps because your brain consumes less oxygen rendering what you see

  26. it would be very helpful if you could list the old parts, but personally I would recommend building a new PC up of the ground, especially since GPU prices are so low at the moment. (Sry for my bad Englisch)

  27. Would say 512gb is way enough, except you want to download ark with all mods available on the internet

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