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  1. I cant beleive she edited the famous line "yer a wizard Harry; and only biological women are women, me boy" in newer editions of The Philosopher's Stone, tbh

  2. Yeah, not like in the good old days when black teenagers would get beaten to death for whistling at a white woman. Or when you'd have to fight a duel with someone because they didn't like something you said about them. This thing where people react violently to having their feelings hurt is 100 percent a new phenomenon. Gosh darn snowflakes!

  3. So when there was still major oppression and inequities and structural conditions that relied on some groups of people being treated different than others in measurable, material ways but when we draw attention to it old white dudes go on facebook gripe about "this generation"?

  4. I disagree, I can't believe that these non-land owning, lowborn laborers have the audacity to believe that their opinion is as significant as mine, a God-gifted, Protestant, Man of Virtue. And they truly believe they deserve to participate in society!!! It makes me guffaw

  5. Because it wouldn't be necessary when they are comparing the amount of stops by increments up to 60 days after a rally to data on stops before the rally in an area. Unless there's something about Trump rallies that specifically make black people drive worst.

  6. There appears to be an explanatory issue in this paper which is that it requires Trump’s anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim rhetoric to translate only into discrimination against Blacks. There are plenty of proposed mechanisms for why “dog-whistle” proxies about class and crime could trigger latent anti-Black prejudice, but there’s apparently no attempt to explain why immigrants and Muslims—the two groups explicitly targeted in the speeches and to whom the dog whistles would also apply—did not experience greater racism.

  7. I always despise these types of statements and bills. I think there needs to be a clear definition of what a fetal “heartbeat” is. Does a 6 week fetus have a heartbeat like a fully developed heart? No. Is there some form of cardiac activity at that stage? Yes.

  8. Of course not all pro-life men are motivated to control women but how can you argue that's not the end goal of their actions, restricting body autonomy? Or that some see no reason to defer to women on this issue?

  9. She's right, it's a manufactured sound. If you look up the manuals for the machines, some have the options to switch through different settings for the sound even. The right wing has latched on to the idea of a "fetal heartbeat" bill, a bill requiring someone considering an abortion to listen to a sound that is made by a machine that's not a heartbeat nor really even made by a fetus. It's not a sign of any sort of life. This is an attempt to manipulate people into not pursuing abortions that's not backed up by the science.

  10. I hope we find out who designed the sound so we can hold them accountable.

  11. What's it about being conservative that stops someone from engaging in good faith? Are you ashamed of your beliefs or do they just have no basis to stand on in the first place?

  12. U/therealmaxmike is a treasure. I don't know of many creators that engage with their communities like him

  13. The bleakly absurd fickleness and total disregard for the dignity and well being of others makes it sound like something from the movie Brazil

  14. I've seen more republicans talking positively about the nationalization of private property and real estate for the public good this week than ever before. Keep it up and the GOP will run the ghost of Chairman Mao in 2024.

  15. Nice combination of an outlet writing a story ahead of time and being too lazy, intellectually dishonest, and prone to lying to their own readers to bother getting it written up correctly. It's no wonder conservatives tend to be furious and distrustful of just about every structure in society, and ready to RINOshriek and disown any of their own at the moment of individual thought being displayed. Their own hand-picked outlets groom those responses.

  16. I feel like that's a lot of this drama. Like TX assuming the rest of the country is as bigotted as they are and just rolling with that instead of paying attention to the actual response

  17. How does one go about becoming a prophet? I'm interested in the field, to say the least. Seems lucrative

  18. Ig if you’re not acclimated to the lore I could understand that. But it’s worth noting that everyone has these forcefield shields that can be penetrated with slower moving weapons.

  19. The weapon technology circles back to the big theme of controlling one's body in mind as well, where even with a knife you can't just stab someone as hard as you can; their shield would deflect it. Instead the fighters are trained to emphasize mindfulness and control of their actions to "slip" through the shields. Herbert crammed his book full of concepts from Buddhism and Islamic philosophy for what's essentially a "Lawrence of Arabia in space" narrative. It's cool shit

  20. But she's right here. putting "objectively" infront of your opinion doesn't make it a fact.

  21. Yeah, but most people don't judge the economy based on anything but their own finances. In politics, perception is all that matters. Reality isn't usually as important.

  22. It's all about perceived economic gain. Individual benefits such as tax cuts have a bigger inherent perceived benefit over decade long keynesian plans, even if careful planning and spending would have greater economic benefit for a person than 10 more bucks in every paycheck that tax cuts would give them. unequal democracy is a great book about this, it explores the hows and whys people end up voting against their own economic self-interest.

  23. Totally different situation. Youd think a "constitutionalist" would have a better understanding of law.

  24. A lot of Texans have very strong feelings about Beto based on his “hell yes, we’re going to take your AR-15, your AK-47” line. Many Texans will never vote for Beto whatever his policies are because of him saying that.

  25. That can't explain it though, Post Uvalde public polling has swung in favor of more gun control. Yes, Texas is a red state and generally is more pro-gun than others, but there's a lot of stereotyping and cultural myths about what Texans as a whole think about guns

  26. I like to think that one of his highly paid advisors told him, "Okay Mr. Walker, this week we are going to lower expectations for the debate so it'll look like you over preform no matter how it goes" and he took that advice and went on TV to say "Hey everyone I'm dumb as fuck. Just a big 'ol dummy."

  27. Herschel Walker requires medical care for the day-in-day-out head injuries he's suffered playing football.

  28. The Feds are gonna have to open a whole new judicial circuit for Trump related cases

  29. Also not sure if you’re understanding but these illegal immigrants committed a crime and according to our laws if you commit a crime you are denied any kind of immigration status.

  30. These are people making an asylum request, ergo not it the country illegally. Why is that so hard to understand? I'm sorry folks in MV weren't as racist as that chucklefuck DeSantis but just lying about what's going on because you're disappointed is no way to discuss this topic.

  31. Interestingly enough, they all signed consent forms. In the state of Florida, any signing of a legal document regardless of whether you understand it or not, is legally binding 🤷🏻‍♂️

  32. yeah no, if you sign a legal document but were deceived it is void. You can't give consent to having a crime done to you. You can't waive good faith. This is legal 101.

  33. Democrats claim that immigrants are welcomed to their cities and when they get just a hand full they lose their shit

  34. I think they're losing their shit over the same reason there's a class action lawsuit against DeSantis. That folks were manipulated to get on that plane.

  35. I forget the term that's used but in the wonderful States and power in Africa the author refers to a unit of measurement that is how far a person would be expected to ride on horseback. That pre-colonial political maps in sub-sarahan Africa would use this metric and a complex system of ethnically derived tax obligations rather than geography to show "territory", basically overlapping blobs of influence. Measuring by power projection and masses of people rather than geographic distance and landmarks.

  36. Its like they didn't learn from that shit deal and were trying to double down with putins Russia. They must of been offered a currency that can't be exchanged virtually anywhere else, at least rusted warships can be scrapped in most developed countries.

  37. Plus, it's not every day that someone would pay you for your goods in a fleet of warships like some Ancient Chinese Emperor.

  38. Delaware loves migrant workers. IIRC many of the businesses in Georgetown use bilingual signage. You have a major poultry, bio-fuel, and horticulture industry hub in Sussex County that is completely dependent on cheap seasonal labor from migrants, documented or otherwise. If Texas thinks they are "owning the libs" by sending migrants to Delmarva, they are sorely mistaken. This whole election year stunt for their dumb maga fans is beyond cruel and stupid.

  39. I wonder if there is a local organization that's accepting non-cash donations for these folks.

  40. GA shot itself in the foot by going beyond E-Verify and making it difficult to hire farm labor. Wrecked their agriculture industry. Between climate change and a lack of migrants, South Carolina overtook them in stone fruit production. Peach State, my ass.

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