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  1. If you really want accuracy….hand loads. But I have this rig and it is stellar. Excellent rifle. I went black and rattle canned mine.

  2. Ah when Dicks wasn’t a dick. The good old days. Nice build :)

  3. Get yourself some ten round mags for it. It’s a lot of fun and the five rounders aren’t satisfying enough.

  4. Congratulations!! 🥳🥳🥳 It’s always a big deal to pass your exam. Start shopping for radios while you wait, even if you don’t have the money! Try to think long term when shopping for radios. Don’t just get the cheapest radios. Even as a Technician, you still have HF privileges, so after you feel comfortable talking on repeaters, look into 6m and 10m during the Winter and Summer months. Here are some resources to look into:

  5. Add the QRZ app to the list, it’s helpful for quickly getting info on a ham.

  6. My grandpa is passing off to me his Icom 756 Pro II, Astron RS35m, W21HY eq. Now I get to learn it :)

  7. This year, I purchased my 1st gun which is a rifle with scope. At the range, I was very happy to hit a target the size of a quarter at 50 yards. The guy who was giving me a lesson was as surprised as I was when I hit the target. Next time I go to the range, I am going to see what I can hit at 100 yards.

  8. That's amazing! Awesome to have shooters in the game. Its super rewarding and you really never plateau in your skills because elemental stuff / calibers etc always keep you on your toes. LRSU has ranges out to 1500 yards. Cheers!

  9. I WANT MY CUT OF THE PROFITS!! just kidding man this is amazing. Congrats!!

  10. I need to stick with the .470 diameter bolt face too by the way, i'm recycling a rifle.

  11. 280AI gets you within 5% of 7mm magnum with less powder and less recoil. Brass is hard to come by, but you can easily make brass from any cartridge that shares the same parent case(3006).

  12. Awesome, How can I resize .30-06 / 270 brass? Just lube up and resize in my 280 Ackley resizing die?

  13. Based on those lever guns and the icom we would have a lot in common haha. Do you have a ham yet or researching?

  14. awesome dude, yeah same. i have an icom 756 ii and i dig it but looking for a modern rig. cheers and nice looking stack too

  15. 270win. Size it with the 280AI die, Trim down to 280 case length, Load with 0.5gr above lowest load for projectile used Seat barely touching lands, Full send

  16. Yuppers. Lost some to neck splitting, maybe 1/4 of what was processed, though. It's a little tedious.

  17. Has the neck integrity been okay with the extreme shift from the 270 to the 280AI 40 degree shoulder? (minus the 1 in 4 that croaked in the process). Like once they're done, are they good to go for a few reloads? I've never had a 270 or .30-06 but have amassed a great deal of the brass at the range over the years.

  18. Everything 30-06 based will take the same mags. Feeding will vary a bit though, and as you indicate the 40 degree shoulder can complicate it a bit.

  19. I live in North Idaho and we’ve got it pretty good here too.

  20. Are you carrying three knives? What’s that black cylindrical thing? And if not, why two knives?

  21. Dude I would keep it. Nice to have a tripod rig if you start loading at matches. I had a mobile rig but a tripod would be mega nice

  22. I mean colt style. Those are so much cooler than Glock pattern. I didn’t know PSA sold those. Gonna have to scoop one up.

  23. OP, did you realize almost every one of your replies was downvoted to oblivion? That is about as impressive as crypto performance itself.

  24. Ummmmmmmm ... maybe because one of the biggest names in Crypto was making asinine commercials like this a couple years ago ........

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