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  1. Such a fucked up video. One impulsive decision that will change his life forever. Get mad enough to hit your head and then bam, paralyzed. Imagine how utterly fucked he must've felt realizing he just made a small situation into a life changing event.

  2. It seems like the first aid response was sub optimal as well— maybe they just weren’t trained on head/neck/spine injuries back then, but good lord the way they manhandled him flipping him over like a beef patty on the grill— I cringed so hard, his spine just twisting away carelessly, yikes.

  3. This is what happens when ego is so big they think they can do no wrong. Kanye legit said in a public form, INTO the microphone that he can say anti-semetic things and there's nothing adidas can do about it. The fact he thinks he can say or do anything without consequence Yeah thats an huge ego talking there. He thinks hes the second coming of Jesus.... he is not. He is a moron.

  4. This is not what happens when ego gets too big— it’s what happens when a person with severe, well-documented bipolar disorder has a major manic episode.

  5. My aunt is the biggest bleeding heart liberal I know, and we were on vacation this week. She kept buying bottled water.

  6. To be fair I live in DC and I use (shit. I’m just realizing this…) a plastic water filter because it tastes better than out of the faucet.

  7. Damn I guess I should’ve done less joking around when I filled out the “what is it for” box on Venmo… I hope that doesn’t come back to bite me :\

  8. For what it’s worth, it’s only 2 rooms and a sculpture really— it’s one of the smaller exhibits of hers that I’ve seen set up and that part was a little underwhelming. She is everywhere these days so if you don’t get to see her this time there will be another opportunity where she’s at whatever museum you’re near in the future.

  9. yeah but they keep breaking into my house and the police and DC gov won't do anything about it. When I purchased DC was a nice place to live, not so much now.

  10. In that case a dog is definitely not ur problem… it’s your solution. Or get a security system and lock ur shit. If that’s happening repeatedly it’s on you.

  11. Well we could have more policing and more effective policing. I've lived here much longer than the drug camps have.... if I had a dog they'd probably kill it or worse

  12. Police don’t really prevent people breaking in to your house, they come and take a report after it’s happened. If you’re lucky they might find the culprit. They are not trying to intervene in a burglary in progress. If you can’t take the heat get outta the hood, that’s all I can say sorry.

  13. All this stupid renaming will just lead to more future euphemisms that enable even further 'problematized' words. The same idiots that make the initial bigoted associations will just spread the connotation to the new word solving nothing and the same will occur again from whatever derives from that.

  14. Well here’s the thing…It makes MPOX now oddly mismatched with the other poxviruses (granted there have always been a few exceptions and names that don’t conform— by and large poxviruses are traditionally named using the same formula [animal it was first observed in]+[pox]). This really irks me for a few reasons.

  15. In theory this change is intended to discourage people from associating the disease with Africa specifically (where it is endemic but did not originate). This arguably may reduce racial stigma around the disease if any such connotations existed.

  16. They post once a year right before Christmas— I wonder why…

  17. Is there anything different about your design or production now than the last couple of times you posted it?

  18. No, it’s just that now it’s holiday shopping season so he can CAPITALize (haha, get it) on the people who are looking for “unique” gifts.

  19. yeeeh. Since the 1950s the population doubled. Back then opportunity was more accessible. You can still the "restaurant" in your area, but you cannot be "the grocery store" in your area anymore.

  20. The real GDP of the country has increased nearly 8.5 fold since 1950. It’s not that there are now too many people trying to get a piece of the prosperity pie— it’s that a very small group of people have taken bigger and bigger pieces leaving less pie for the rest of the population.

  21. The question isnt if AI is going to replace workers, it's when. As those replacements start to happen, the process will only accelerate as these AI learn and get better and businesses realize they need to invest in these systems to compete/maintain an edge.

  22. This is when the only viable solution becomes socialism/communism or technofascism— AI becomes the means of production and the proletariat (the working class) will be compelled to seize back the means from the capitalists— or be slowly starved to death, helpless victims to a kind of “caste-icide” (or “classacre”).

  23. You make it sound like everyone is against the minorities, but it can go both ways.

  24. The county sheriff's department that has to get crime scene photos developed at Walmart isn't doing it because they want to. These are the departments paying their deputies $14 an hour and have to beg for state funds to keep their cruisers on the road. Tiny, underfunded, and without the resources they need. They do what they have to do, and if Walmart didn't want it to happen they could always refuse the business.

  25. In America you would be hard pressed to find an underfunded police department.

  26. Oh man, I can't believe the idiocy of some of the people who do those things.

  27. He’s probably grateful the cops gave him a head start to get on the next plane to Nicaragua.

  28. This is both a milestone and a surprisingly in depth look at how vaccine roll-out went in one state, and how that helped or hindered us getting to where we are today.

  29. Most of these fall into the causality category i mentioned, but i understand the point. I just doubt we'll still be using computers the way we understand them now by the time we're needing computers that run into those issues, which i think is pretty much what your saying in the last paragraph.

  30. Nah, even when we have black hole computers we’ll still just be looking at porn and posting dank memes.

  31. Where better to hide your internet history

  32. An Internet Explorer browser. Put shortcut right next to chrome shortcut. No one would suspect someone would willingly use IE.

  33. I would have drunk the blood of a virgin goat if it meant reducing the severity of my symptoms. My throat felt like it was coated in broken glass - literally could drink water or anything other than ginger ale - and the full-body aches were so bad, I tried not to move and just laid still. I also thought my head would split open from the headache.

  34. Visiting my parents for thanksgiving and they told me that the other day they had noticed our neighbor of many years (a retired mild mannered man who lived by himself with his dog)— hadn’t walked his dog in a couple of days.

  35. Dog was ok— his son took her in. She was just understandably disoriented and REALLY had to pee when they opened the door she bolted out and that’s the first thing she did, run to pee. She hadn’t gone out in 2 days and as far as they could tell she held out and did not relieve herself in the house—poor thing.

  36. Thank you!!! Do I need to use it right after or can it be used later on? Like I'll wash my comforter multiple times and everything is still there...

  37. You can use it afterwards later on, but you may need to soak it and leave it to soak for a few hours or overnight— then wash. But (and this is important) don’t run it through the dryer! Set it out to air dry, that way you can see if the stains are still visible when it dries— because heat sets stains and makes them much harder to remove— so you will want to know if you got it or if you have to try again before you dry using heat. If it doesn’t come out the first time try again.

  38. I also prefer silicone ... But I've wrecked multiple comforters with stains, so now I use LubeLife Water-Based Anal Lube which I really really like. Lasts a while IMO, just not as much as silicone.

  39. Use “Soilove” stain remover to get out silicone stains— it comes in a greenish turquoise bottle and looks like something ur grandma would use but it WORKS. Swear by soilove.

  40. Tbh Afghanistan just seems like a place you start a war with if you decide your country had a good run. Also considering that it was catastrophic for the Soviet Union, and a mess for the US, I doubt that the IRGC could do much better.

  41. It’s easy to start a war In Afghanistan, and you can be “winning” the whole time, but it’s hard to finish it unless you stay there and keep fighting here and there… forever.

  42. I'm beginning to think that after tens of thousands of years of war selecting our genes for people who are good at surviving it, a large amount of earths population needs to kill something every once in awhile to scratch some obscure genetic itch.

  43. Makes no sense— the people who are most likely to survive a war are the people who make peace quickly, not the people who charge into battle whenever possible. Those people tend to die, because you know… battle.

  44. Nah. City council literally said they don’t want to enforce traffic violations because they are racist. Wish I was kidding …

  45. I don’t see anything wrong with that quote on its own?— though Im not sure how the rest of the report you pulled it from reads.

  46. Thanks for explaining your criticism in such detail. I wont attempt to defend all the author’s choices, as some of your points I agree with, but I will push back on you in a few places:

  47. Who cares about contracts when they basically just stole your entire life from you for the sake of some stupid experiment? I don't get why they didn't make a public outcry. One of them can easily be silenced, but all of them?

  48. Well that is a bit dramatic (not to condone experimentation without informed consent, which is of course unethical). But as you can see many of the men involved in these tests did live to old age (as these people being interviewed did)— the idea that “none of them died from natural causes” is nonsense.

  49. The experiments are extremely unethical. I mean, it's not like nobody knew it was harmful. They were intentionally harming their own men without giving them a way to decline, since they weren't even told what's going on. On top of that those experiments are also pointless. Just so surreal.

  50. What on earth are you talking about— “guaranteed to see their own children die”?

  51. Tell him to talk to a Dr. about ADHD. If he is diagnosed, they will just prescribe it to him and everyone will be cool with it. Problem solved. It may even improve his life.

  52. News agencies need to stop reporting on the things Kanye is doing— he has well known problems managing his severe bipolar disorder and it is pretty clear that he is in the midst of a manic episode right now.

  53. the pale blue dot image isn’t from the moon. it was taken by voyager 1, 6 billion km away as it was leaving our solar system

  54. They are talking about the “new” pale dot picture that was just sent back from Artemis/Orion as it rounded the moon and looked back at earth. The earth appears very small in the photo, despite the common perception that it should look much larger than the moon appears from earth in the night sky.

  55. You fail to realize that I've already carried a firearm for years. I carried one every day from 2016 to the end of 2021. I'm probably more mature than you are. Have you ever even touched a firearm in your life? It doesn't seem like you're very familiar with them from the way you talk.

  56. Coming from a USCG O-3 who shot P229R DAK .40 cal competitively in the Academy, you can sit the fuck down kid. Carrying don’t make you a man.

  57. Cops are always the worst shots. They can't hit the broad side of a barn, that's why when they're surrounding someone and they collectively fire 100 rounds, only a few of those rounds actually hit the person.

  58. This requires no rebuttal. Your inexperience speaks for itself.

  59. One disease is here to stay, the other disease is almost contained. More are on the way, so we will have to do this again someday.

  60. This case series from the Lancet takes a closer look at women (both trans and cis) and non-binary individuals who contracted MPX aiming to describe how this cohort may differ or show similarities to the much larger group of MSM MPX patients.

  61. Yea you have to pretty much gut them utility wise. Even the "bones" aren't always worth it because apartments legally require bedrooms have windows. The difference between the new apartments in places like Noma that take up a whole block and office buildings that do is that the apartment buildings usually have a courtyard in the center. To make an office building into a housing development make sense you either need to make them really skinny or "luxury" apartments with huge sq ft and no natural light other than the bedroom.

  62. The other way they get around this is by making bedrooms whose walls don’t go all the way to the ceiling, so there’s a little open space at the top— they call these “loft style” or some variation of this, and if they can’t get away with calling it a bedroom they call it a “den” but market it the same as a bedroom.

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