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  1. How much you earn does not have any bearing on your value as a human being. Something tells me that if you did get a high-paying job your husband would find something else to degrade you about. I’ve been in relationships where I made 2x more than my partners and I would NEVER say the things he is saying to you. Unrelated to your relationship, don’t give up on building a career if that’s something you’re passionate about. My mom stayed home with me and my siblings and then went back into the work force once we got older…and guess what? She’s a VP now and earns more than my dad. Don’t give up, you’re not useless. Don’t get discouraged about job descriptions, if you’re interested in a position, apply! If anything it’s good interview practice and will help build your confidence. As for your husband, I hope you can get some couples counseling, and if that doesn’t work you need to start thinking about a financial plan if you want to leave.

  2. It’s not entirely your fault. You could’ve never predicted your husband would become who he’s become. But, I have to say… he sounds like a fucking prick and I’m angry for you and your kids.

  3. I feel like I let things go too far and should have tried to go back to work sooner. I guess things got a lot worse than I thought they would?

  4. You sound like a good mom who truly wants to shield her kids from their father’s narcissistic tendencies. Hang in there & get out as soon as you’re able to.

  5. Why is everyone commenting with "Remind me! One week"? And agree I would 100% become a premium member or donate to keep this site alive.

  6. there is a remind me bot in reddit, they asked it to remind them in one week

  7. We can do shipping at the building. So Amazon will allow this right? I agree with you also. I think Amazon will be the best testing grounds

  8. Oops missed this. Yes you can also do "shipped by seller" but you will probably have some limits imposed by Amazon until you have a proven track record. How's it going???

  9. My overhead costs are almost 0 and I intend to keep it that way for as long as possible haha

  10. If you have no overhead, is it drop ship or a service?

  11. Me but have to oversea showrooms and trade shows in person.

  12. It’s a fair question. I’m not sure lol

  13. Mods could maybe validate Shopify shop links to ensure legit businesses and maybe some key stats criteria such as minimum monthly sales or length of time in business? There a similar screening process when App/software developers want to test out new apps - your store needs to qualify. Good way to weed out people selling stuff or making empty claims. Just a thought.

  14. Hubspot, Digital Marketing Institute, Coursera all have some free courses.

  15. These kinds of posts always get heavily downvoted by people claiming to have sex "daily" and "loving it", even after decades of marriage and children. Good for them.

  16. That’s exactly why 1.5 million people are still paying between $9.99 and $14.99 a month for AOL!

  17. Yeah,she's almost 80 and she said it's stressing her out and she doesn't want to deal with it any more. Since it's not my account I'm not sure how much I can help but I may have to step in. I'm not as nice with reps that don't help.

  18. Totally understand and had a similar situation. One thing that helped convince my parents (based on advice from here) was to use a cheap or burner phone and try out the new service. You could even get this in your name? Once you and your Mom feel ok with the new service, THEN port out. It's a bit of a hassle and you can run into some issues with ATT like I did, but in the end worth it - I think? I'm so so glad that I helped my parents move, they're thrilled.

  19. If you're comparing white sandwich bread to white sandwich bread I also think it's all the same. But in general I found the bread selection so much better in the US.

  20. Hi. Great post, thanks for sharing! Can you speak more to how you chose your keywords and how quickly you were able to see results/improvements in ranking after optimizing content?

  21. I don’t have any good advice for you as I am also at a loss of how to shape my ficus. But I read on The Internet, that you should cut the top off when it reaches the desired height.. looking at your ficus, The Internet advice is rubbish! Well, what you could do, is make many one-node cuttings, cutting the tree down lower than the branching. Just an idea, not advice!

  22. Thank you! It does seem like it's grown too high and I just repotted it?! I have successfully propagated some leaves so maybe it would work. Thanks!

  23. Little kids little problems, big kids big problems.

  24. I understand your frustration as I was in a similar situation with a client that was using a bad combo of Woo + Wordpress and just wanted to work on their CRO "band-aid" style. They also had no clue as to how long it would take to create and optimize content - and that SEO is a long-tail strategy. Just expected immediate results and an increase in sales on their crappy website.

  25. Happyringo thanks so much for this detailed and amazing response! You hit the nail on the head! I share your frustration with the impatience of some clients expecting SEO results and to be #1 on google over night 😂!

  26. Agreed. I feel this for my local business, most successful on fb; sadly bc I don’t like fb anymore 😅

  27. Wow that's a pretty big budget, is it just for one company/client? Do you mind sharing your ROAS and do you do paid ads on other platforms?

  28. Thanks for sharing! Any resource out there to help me setup my first campaign, the world of marketing is so new to me and I’m conscious I’m going to make a lot of mistakes

  29. Haven't read through all of the comments, but the

  30. I would also try and team up with other relevant accounts and cross promote. Maybe it's combination food/restaurant bloggers or local businesses that already have accounts with more engaged or bigger following than you.

  31. R.e. accessibility, London is the least accessible big city I've lived in compared to NY, Paris, Amsterdam, Tokyo and HK - simply because of it's physical vastness and public transportation system. Tube is inevitably a 10-15 min walk on each end and bus is always so slow because of traffic jams. Sure you can walk but realistically you would not get very far. Not sure about outside of London.

  32. People speaking at a normal decibel, Sunday roast and no tipping.

  33. I would check with your local NextDoor or Facebook group. London is very vast and you can be traveling over 1 hour unless you find someone good close to you. Which might be fine until you need extra work or regular follow ups.

  34. I'm not sure if it's feasible to be hired as an employee in Europe without an entity here.

  35. American English muffins are so much better than the British ones. We've even had Brits ask us to bring back Thomas's when we go back.

  36. Based on your post, I would just visit Europe for holidays.

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