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  1. Did you guys get the secret link to everbytes page for updates that arent released yet? It was at the end of the game in the credits.

  2. zs15 says:

    A 25 min commute is bad?

  3. I am not used to commuting, so yes form my perception- it isn't desirable.

  4. zs15 says:

    Before things get nuclear, I'd try to sit down with the "assistant" and have an eval with them. If they aren't willing to improve, you probably know it's done.

  5. I'm unable to sit down with her- She got up once and said " lets remember who is the boss of who here"

  6. I went out with my friends who are all 14+ years older then I am. One girl who is, for a lack of better terms, the "leader" of the group, "L". She was upset at her Best friend "A" for how close she was with other friend "M". She was in the car bitching about them and talking mad shit. I coincidentally was filing a snap chat video and caught some of her shit talking in my video. I had them drop me off at home and got a text from A+M to go to another bar not far from my house. I walked over there and played the video for them because i thought she should know what horrible things her "Best friend" was saying about her. A said that it would stay between us- not like i cared bc if you talk shit, own up to it. Especially when you are 40. Fast forward like 2 months. L picked my kid up from school with her kids since we live a few blocks from one another. I went to get my child and she said "I need to talk to you and you need to tell me the truth". I said ok whats up? She then said that "A" told her that i was recording her talking shit about A on purpose and sent her the video to stir up drama because i'm jealous of their relationship. I said "Ok it wasn't on purpose but yeah that happened and i told her bc she should know what you were saying. If yall are BFFS then why not say it to her? I got a mom response of "I will give you another chance but everyone is sick of you creating drama and not owning up to it.And we all think you're a shitty person for recording what we do and say all the time.

  7. HELL NO!!! Start one. I will donate. I'm so sorry to hear about this :( If its truly for what you say- no one can judge and if they do fuck them.

  8. I would block him on all accounts. He clearly did some digging which is concerning. I would almost search for him on social media accounts you have an block him before he starts looking deeper. I would hate for this to turn out badly- not to scare you or anything. I had this happen and that's what i did. I also took what city i lived in and anything pertaining to state schools etc out of my profile info/pics.

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