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  1. gahdamn thats a lot of shows lmao

  2. most ppl on this sub dont look at plot leaks and in general there‘s always a spoiler warning regardless if this is a spoiler sub or not. dont be dense

  3. act like u dont know what im talkong about all u want

  4. Nick is a Ye stan, might suck but he’s our best bet for music news

  5. nick is ALSO A FUCKING NAZI

  6. hemsworth executive produced it. it was just as much his vision as it was taikas

  7. we need a gritty thor movie

  8. mods delete anything related to mobbing but leave shit like this up bc they dont like the guy lol

  9. diddy beat up women but ppl on here get a seizure at the thought of her getting back with ye

  10. judging by your clothes u got your shit together akh

  11. my most anticipated movie!! hope they do mahershalas talent justice

  12. Haha she said white people. They’re not gonna like that. It’s gonna be a rough day for Julia on social media. I like that she defended him

  13. her fans will agree with her - and she‘s right

  14. Where are her eyebrows tho? It’s distracting. Does she just have blonde eyebrows?

  15. i will bleach mine too now

  16. This post is LOVE SPEECH. I saw these two pictures on my timeline right after another and started thinking how big of a difference 4 years can make.

  17. they downvoting u but u are right lol

  18. ye could hang out with literally anyone in the world but he chooses to be around fascists

  19. Something in his face seems unfocused. You can nearly see he’s not right.

  20. did a turk fuck ur wife or something

  21. We lost him when that mf said ‘Slavery was a choice’ and thought it was a bar, it’s just been the stages of grief since then lol.

  22. nah his look after saying that is still hilarious lmfao

  23. merch us ass but some of the clothes on like the jacket are fire

  24. Yeah. I’m pretty sure they have no idea. Bc that would be a dumb troll. This makes no sense. Unless they just had to get his name out of the way and it’s a bigger game than we even kno

  25. yes it does. adidas doesnt want to attach themselves to him but he attaches himself to them bc they dont want to

  26. Ye isn’t a Nazi. That’s like calling a racist white person a klansman. It’s not the same shit and you know it

  27. i dont hang around white supremacists all day but he does

  28. Clout chasers for the sake of it - the only reason people bought the stem player was because Ye was involved heck I was ready to splurge on a black version but fuck this noise Ye would be better at making his own device for which he was working on years back prior to Alex Klein and pre his own involvement with Teenage Engineering

  29. them staying would be them being clout chasers

  30. Royalties from what? The album isn't even out lmfaoo

  31. he still played the songs and released them. i‘d be pissed as well

  32. seen this earlier, quite weird that he admits to listening to ye music and watching his recent interviews, given the fact that he is good friends with pete and dudes like a huge lib?

  33. wouldnt call john a huge lib lol

  34. how would the smartest man alive adjust to technology of 2022

  35. gahn eifach zum arzt er git der scho. din arbetgeber chan nüt dagege mache juckt doch ned was sie denket

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