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  1. 1.Another Round 2.C'mon C'mon 3.Banshees of Inisherin 4. MEN & The Kid Detective (tied)

  2. The Tree Of Life to put you into a more spiritual space, Fight Club for a more self-destructive one.

  3. why is everyone asking for a dusk aang, dusk's orb sigs are very clearly earth bending

  4. Fight Club Se7en The Social Network Gone Girl

  5. Fight Club is about taking control of your life

  6. Not even close. I have no idea how people connect to Anakin at all let alone more than Luke.

  7. so ur saying good morals = good writing and bad morals = bad writing?

  8. so what does Luke being a good hero have to do with his writing quality

  9. Silent Hill 2, Fallout New Vegas, Metal Gear, Dishonored

  10. ofc it's the code geass fan who doesn't understand basic writing

  11. all those things you mentioned about the original literally make the game better. thank you for logging off in advance, u did us a favor

  12. Perfect Blue. I love it but just I really disliked the final scene.

  13. did you know that mima and rumi are the same person?

  14. They don't often pop up as actual settings often, usually a special episode or something, but I do like settings that take place mostly if not entirely in dreams. I believe HP Lovecraft made the Dream Cycle (haven't read it myself yet), and there have been other ones that have played around with the idea, like Dragon Quest 6, Dream (sort of), or the recent Omori game. Generally how they are done is pretty different, with some having physical interactions with the real world, others having it be a sort of hivemind process between all humans, and a few have it used to fully explore a particular character.

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