1. It’s also listed as an embargo for any US person to do business in, including money transactions. U.S laws are extraterritorial remember!?

  2. When you have a good system you can do whatever. It was trash money anyway

  3. Fair play. I didn’t see those massive balls from here, my baddd lol

  4. I trade on a 5min level, so it’s not really like I have that type of trade open for a day :)

  5. Hello! The KuCoin Futures system maintenance is now completed, and all trading pairs have been resumed. Again, we apologize for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your understanding on this. Kindly relay to this

  6. So glad I un-staked a couple of months ago and withdrew.. Pheww

  7. Phase 3 would be to write to KuCoin about how bad their product sucks as it’s down. Phase 4 is, I will never place a trade on KuCoin again. Phase 5 is KuCoin going out telling everyone they will make them whole without doing anything. Thanks KuCoin you provide an awesome product with no liability and reliability

  8. Forget that bro, they need the money, hence they stoploss hunt

  9. Did you type in the amount you want to cash out or click on the button next to it that says “Max”?? Like did you just see a 0 and think you couldn’t do anything more or did you actually input the amount you wanted to take out and then clicked “Preview cash out” and it didn’t let you so now you wrote this post?

  10. I can use the money to buy Btc and withdraw to another exchange🤦‍♂️ any thoughts? I have no open orders and all are filled or canceled.

  11. I don’t remember if there is a daily or weekly limit to cashing out. I mainly hold so I forget the rules for cashing out. Check your limit amounts in the app and see if you reach them.

  12. That could be it. Just really odd. I guess I’ll just move it to the ledger and try again at a later time :) thanks for your help!

  13. Had the same happen too multiple times yesterday. Stoploss triggered without the actual price triggered m. Super frustrating. Checked multiple sites including TradingView and the price never hit. Seems fishy, or I just can’t set stoploss with KuCoin!?

  14. Did you have stop limit or stop market ?

  15. Something that has frustrated me is when you login on your cell and have to watch 5s of commercials. Still to long if you’re looking to close a trade quickly.

  16. I’ve got to admit that’s true. That useless ad. For some hiSCAM pump and dump token.

  17. Why not add the app on closing!?!?!?!

  18. *Narrator- ‘It didn’t take off…’

  19. Haha no the market crashed completely. 😂

  20. If idiots could fly, this thread would be an airport

  21. Well.. my point exactly. I think they should be making a lot more given the good product and fee structure. I just don’t understand where the Money is going. They should easily beat the estimates of the quarterly reports are accurate. It just does not match reality. I don’t see it invested either, hence the disconnect with reality.

  22. Hehe, with low volume comes high volatility

  23. Interesting. Did the ether burn even thought he transaction failed? Seems odd to pay for a failure of a job

  24. Thank you. No it just said in the background error and the transaction was red marked after execution. I tried it like 3 times.. so I lost like $75

  25. Apologies for the inconvenience it has caused. As for the maintenance, it's over already. Please check the announcement

  26. Cool. Thanks for being so understanding. I really appreciate the note and apology. I just withdrew my money, so no going back unfortunately. I apologize for that I will not be providing you the fee revenue anymore.

  27. Lol and they just added another hour to the upgrades expected completion. Wtf

  28. Great timing with the FED raising rate for sure 😂 thanks.

  29. Check out the TA. I think it’s about to rocket again. Honestly, just since a lot of people can buy cheap and a lot of people just hold for a new ATH. It’s looking pretty good for a shit coin.

  30. Just bought more, so I sure hope so! :)

  31. Not sure why anyone would invest in a company just to be nice, especially not after they stole your original investment. 😂 Start a call center and scam some people while at it.

  32. Seems like some folks knew about it ahead of the freeze as they sold large quantities. That seems unfair, or is that just crypto practice!?

  33. Well the good news is I can only really see 3 wallet owners that dumped anything mentionable.

  34. Good stuff. Thank you! The beauty of etherscan for sure and that’s exactly what I was looking at too. I mean I’m not surprised, wouldn’t you do the same with that information?

  35. What happened in Dubai!? Any news coming!? I remember seeing the hype tweet. Wait, he didn’t go right!? 🤣

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