1. Yep. Certainly wouldn't buy now. Don't buy the top haha

  2. The top was over .0003 and now it's "dumping" to .0002. If you had bought in at .000161 like when this was posted you could've made some very, very nice profits. In other words, you don't know what you're talking about.

  3. It never ceases to amaze me the sweaty losers here on reddit (you). It was around 262 when I posted, now around 222. In other words, you're a fucking moron who bought the top 🤣🤣🤣🖕

  4. This is cool as fuck. Just make like 500 of them and leave them all over a city.

  5. Definitely we’ll moon. Patient is the key!!!! 🚀🚀🚀🚀

  6. Scam coin. OP is secretly shilling it and invited other shills to talk about it in a pretend conversation. STAY FAR AWAY

  7. Lunat is a scam. Only suckers buy it and the devs for it are con artists. Stick with lunc lmao.

  8. Check etherscan of the contracts wallet for LUNAT. You can see that they've been slowly siphoning all the money sent to that contract. Rugpull scam.

  9. Wrong sub fucking moron. Nobody wants your shitcoin. CULT X RVLT.

  10. I bought at 97 and its 114 right now. I'm up 20%. Losing money? 🤣🤣🖕

  11. By next month cult will be back at 17. I scooped some at these prices.

  12. Glad I got out when I did. I hope things work out for you guys 🙏. Great project but yeah this isn't good.

  13. This is great. I worry about the constant sell pressure it'll cause though.

  14. Yeah he's being investigated and he will be charged. Or someone mad enough will find him and take care of him themselves lol.

  15. Remember when we saw and that turned out to be nothing? Yeah this is more bait just like that was. Don't fall for it or you'll get dumped on.

  16. No, I didn't expect anything. I'm glad I'm making you cult followers mad though. Keep costing poor people their money, buddy. You're a true POS spreading this garbage.

  17. Look at the price. You guys got dumped on. I sold rvlt at 32 and cult at 17. Live and learn. Whales hold all the coins

  18. I was waiting for it to go up to .009 to do just that, but seems impossible for it to even get there.

  19. I got lucky and sold at 0.0092 and told all my buddies to as well. 0.009 looks impossible now. Massive sell walls with not much liquidity or volume. Get out now IMO, only going WAYYYYY lower.

  20. So is your wallet. Stop wasting money and give it to me

  21. If Tyler trusts him, I trust him. Besides I think he will be more fitted with the position he’s moving into. Which is forming partnerships I believe.

  22. Tyler isn't Jesus. Why do people just blindly believe some guys words and refuse to open their eyes to their actions? Has Flexa fulfilled their promises? Have they done everything they said they should have done by now? Look at results, dont deify some dude.

  23. I’ll admit that I didn’t do more than a cursory google search but can I ask where this information is coming from? I agree that this information would be good for the community to know, but without proper substantiation I’m not seeing this as more than FUD at the moment and I’d like encourage the same for others.

  24. Tyler said it himself at the Blockchain Futurist Conference.

  25. For someone who is so ready to jump off the amp train, I sure do see you in here a lot!😳 wish you would just sell and leave so I didn’t have to listen to you blabber all the time!!✌️

  26. I already sold waiting to rebuy 🤣. So funny when salty morons make new accounts to comment on me

  27. Yes that’s what I was referring to. I’m not downvoting you btw.

  28. Fair points. All I'm trying to say is that we are going to be in the mud and a relisting for cdc and is very far away. If we can avoid being delisted on gemini and coinbase we should be OK.

  29. Pulled out. Not sure if that wallet will be able to dump and I won't be holding the bag

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