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  1. if they have a speaking role. Otherwise, no.

  2. I just preordered the gl.inet Slate AX and use WireGuard to connect back to my FWG. I’ve used the gl.inet MT300M as well and worked decently, just needed the stronger CPU for faster WireGuard.

  3. I use gl iNet for traveling and love them. Have both a beryl and the new slate which are both fantastic. Do like the slate more because it can run the adguard. Rock solid devices

  4. Have you been successful with devices connected to your SlateAX being able to access devices on your home network, while connected via WireGuard?

  5. Whenever I use it on the road, I never tried to access any network devices, so I wouldn't know, sorry.

  6. i will say that i've been impressed with my latest gl.inet devices. in particular the integrated adguard works very well, and seems to have a lot of overlapping functions. having more customizable target lists certainly was nice.

  7. It is? That's a little disappointing. OISD has been a solid performer for me in other setups with VERY few false positives. Very spouse friendly filtering (they haven't gotten mad at me).

  8. if you check the target list (im currently looking at it through the firewalla web access), it says OISD with a target count of about 50k, which indicates that this is the BASIC list from OISD. the FULL list sits at about 500k.

  9. NextDNS shows the full list in use - which was how I was applying it most recently. I have been trying Unbound with Firewalla native AdBlock\OISD Target for home instead the last week. Maybe the default Firewalla AdBlock+OISD Basic is close enough. I haven't noticed a different web experience yet myself but that's a significant difference in list size.

  10. yeah my firewalla speedtests tend to be useless and faaaaar below

  11. Dave is far from being honest in his reviews if he is not using objective ways to measure a machine. Running video compiling tests on a laptop which most people will never use for that purpose is being disingenuous to say the least.

  12. disingenuous is maybe a bit strong of a word here. does he mislead his viewers with this review purposefully? I doubt it.

  13. And what are you expecting from an M2 Air review? Any machine can do writting, watching content and similar tasks with ease these days. He already pointed out the other differences: the display, the new design, the ports, the new speakers, the new camera and the butched SSDs from the entry models. His reviews have been always rather short and straight to the point, nothing new here.

  14. You do understand that all these components make a difference when writing and watching content, yes? that's like saying a review about a car is pointless because "they can all drive from A to B".

  15. Called Spectrum before I moved in, they confirmed 4 times that service would be available. Even have the email confirming service order.

  16. Hmm… makes me a little nervous. Taiwan would be ok. But China/Hong Kong makes me think of this:

  17. Given that the peeps behind the Firewalla products are veteran network engineers, I'd hazard that they popped open a Gold or two and made sure that things are in order.

  18. In case it helps -- we've been super happy since we ditched DirectTV and went with YouTubeTV, gets us all the various news, sports and even a bunch of international channels like BBC. Also has great features for recording certain events or shows automatically. Plus, the apps work really well on AppleTV, FireTV, Laptops, everything.

  19. Firewalla updates are always between 2am and 4am (+/- 30min)

  20. sounds like his box is in the wrong timezone

  21. fwiw i love my cx5400. not sure if you prefer 16:9 screens over 3:2 but it has been great for me. not the brightest screen, but if thats fine for you, it's a great device.

  22. As a curious outsider -- are there any plans underway to better the housing situation by making the rural areas of Canada more attractive? If so, what are they? If not, what would it take?

  23. As an immigrant, I’d say the same about the US, or really any other developed nation. Tax payments are welcome, however. ;)

  24. yea ... a single 2.5 definitely does not make sense. we'll shoot for a minimum 2x, and best at 4x.

  25. I will never understand the thinking of having just 1G LAN ports in a multi-gig network. Like your still limited to 1000MB/s due to hardware constraints.

  26. aye. i feel like the target audience of residential multigig connections is pretty well defined:

  27. While I agree about its revolutionary impact on rural internet. You're passing on fundamental consumer rights. Passing on those rights will be a gateway for other shortcuts, and cost savings that will impact us... The consumer.

  28. It’s hard for me to conflate consumer rights with practical logistical shortcomings of a new company.

  29. You don't care about paying new prices for used shit? I've got a used car you can buy from me.. come to my garage sale next weekend.

  30. i get that your edgy tone in your comments aims to offend and condescend, but i really suggest you look at a purely utilitarian device like a service antenna differently than a car...

  31. Hit the meatball menu in the upper right of the alarm, delete/archive all.

  32. kinda depends on the games. i play league of legends on my Air M1 and it plays very well, never lags or low frame rate or so. other games may be more demanding.

  33. if you have any custom DNS settings on your laptop, that might be worth checking out.

  34. Well if I were to do that I would go with Verizon or AT&T which is better but don’t officially offer anything here. Do you know of any resellers that actually work Verizon? If it’s AT&T I would need to band lock the modem. $50 flat from t mobile is the reason for not having a reseller rn and it works just isn’t hd streaming or perfect.

  35. Oh yeah I’m in the worst spot. Line of sight just isn’t possible here at all regardless of tower build. SINR sucks on AT&T (except band 14) but AT&T has superior coverage by a long shot. Verizon seemed ok but they are new here and I get two 10mhz wide low band channels. T mobile I am only getting band 12 5mhz. Would be nice to confirm how they are operating their 5g here. I know there is 600mhz on either that or lte but I have never seen it. Don’t have an unlocked phone to test rn either as we are all in AT&T as always.

  36. trust me, been there. :P what antenna are you using? i'm using a pair of 2x2 MIMO since i don't have direct line of sight either, but my signal got much better due to the +15dB panel antenna, instead of my old +7dB 4x4.

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