1. Definitely hard to tell with this yarn, but it looks kind of similar to

  2. You may need to take another picture of it at a different angle and/or stretched a bit to see the stitches properly

  3. A lot of panic attacks in my house. What we go with is slow your breath which will slow down your heart which will slow down your thoughts. Although the cold water thing everyone talks about.. ima have to try that for my next panic attack.

  4. Had a really bad one recently (thankfully my husband learned from his cousin who helped me through one -- the cold clothes really do help)

  5. Dehydrate them (could always use them later for trail mixes/just to snack on/baking/cooking or to make for sauces/marinades)

  6. I've used the oven without any problems (lowest I can go us 170°) as well as the dehydrate option on our air fryer.

  7. We use what's called an emotion/feelings wheel. It starts with the "basic" emotions on the inside but branches off with different more complex ones. If you like I can send a link with what we use. (Mom of a 13 and 14 year old, I can somewhat understand)

  8. How long did that take you? Did you keep it in just water?

  9. Yes, all rose fruit is called rosehip - most roses have them, except for some modern cultivated varieties. And yes, all roses are edible. :)

  10. I'm not sure what variety this is (I planted it in the spring and lost the tag, would love to harvest and try to make tea, but wasn't sure if they were edible or not)

  11. Yes looks like rose hip. Afaik not all of them are edible, there are decorative types. I’m unsure and I wouldn’t recommend eating anything you’re not 100% sure

  12. Just found out this year as well that squash seeds can also be roasted (different but not bad)

  13. Added more water to our supplies .... added winter clothing to the bug out/in bags

  14. I have a question that is related to the nuclear concerns. I can buy a 275 gallon IBC tote tank food grade for $120. I think I should do it. I have a large property. I also have a tiny house next to the big house on the property so I could prepare that.

  15. I don't think I'm "qualified" to answer this. I am very unfamiliar with the product you are talking about. What would you store in it? (I did a very short google search in regarding the price. It does appear that $120 is a "deal".

  16. Awesome job!!! (Our kids get "tomatoed out" by July, so we essentially trade with our neighbors/barter and I can or freeze the rest)

  17. We are still dealing with fungus knats in our indoor garden. The population (fingers crossed is dwindling). We took a mult-intergrated approach. Fly traps/mosquito bits and dunks. We let the soil throughly dry out in between watering. We also are using yellow sticky traps. It's was quite nasty. Although it hurt, we did get rid of a few plants we were hoping to save (but the soil itself belonged outside). I have tried dishsoap and hydrogen peroxide (it did not work for us, I know some have luck with it). I also placed (I forgot the name of it) this zapper in the outlet that is supposed to deter insects ect. Making sure everyone when done cleans the sink/counter and drains are clear.

  18. Rinse your container with warm water and a few drops of bleach.

  19. Can this be done with old milk jugs? Obviously clean them out first. (Granted they are only 1 gallon, but it is better than nothing)

  20. The whitish not-clear jugs develop seam leaks way faster than hard clear plastic containers, from what I have read.

  21. Huh... I never heard of that! Thank you.... in theory than what about the gallon sized vinegar jars? Those are of a heavy plastic.... (we don't drink soda that often but holy hell we go through a lot of vinegar -- about 2- 3 gallons per week, more so during canning season)

  22. I have four Big Out Bags for my Fiancee, her two younger sisters and myself. Everyone has the basics like water, MRE, First Aid, lights, etc. Then they have some items like clothing that are obviously sized for each person and personal protection that each feels comfortable with. Finally they each have some space to put or be able to put whatever personal items they feel they want. They either have it already in the bag or they know the exact items and can grab them and go. We do a "practice run" randomly a few times a year. I am proud to say they have it down to just a few minutes.

  23. That's awesome to hear that you and your group have been able to get your practice rounds down to a couple of minutes. We have had to find new spots to put the gear so it's more of a grab and go versus the bags are here and the weapons are here and the pet stuff is here.

  24. And that is simply something that needs to be practiced. Even if you just say randomly "where is your Bug Out Bag?" And see if they know right away or need to think about it.

  25. One reason why we moved everything to one location. When I would ask the kids, and they had to think, (that was a flag I didn't want to chance. If we did have to grab and go those split chaotic seconds could cost us. Now,they have the definite knowing, and each person knows the definite of what to do. It does have some peace of mind.

  26. Picked up ceramic space heaters for bedrooms. With gas prices going up as a family we (the parents told the teenagers) that we are keeping the house 10-15 degrees lower than last year. Had the kids evaluate their fall/winter and picked up thermals and better socks/slippers. Froze some last garden veggies.

  27. We canned a little more this week (doing some more later) .... picked up more winter socks/thermals. Picked up some more water filters. Trying to understand dosage of potassium iodine from the book Nuclear War Survival Skills (we picked up some potassium iodine).

  28. You are correct, I did not catch it, I misspelled....

  29. We had luck with freezing fresh eggs. (I forgot to spray the muffin pan, but they still popped out easily enough). What we did was - Cracked one egg per muffin slot (you could use the 12/24 whatever you have). Froze them overnight (uncovered)

  30. I can completely emphasize. We have been dealing with a knarly infestation for the last couple of weeks. Nasty 12 fly traps full. Over 65 full yellow sticky traps. Tried the diamatescus earth (let the soil dry out ect). We just found out about mosquito bits/dunks. So we started that two days ago. If it doesn't clear up within a week I may have to just change out the soil. We also have ACV traps out as well. We even tried the hydrogen peroxide idea too. I get the frustration (so ready to cry, but those fuc**** aren't going to beat me).

  31. Out of curiosity what kind of wall planters are these?

  32. You can find free attendance pdfs/sheets online and you can manually track (make a x or checkmark whatever you prefer) on the days your kids/students attend. We also have two binders (one for each, that we track each class (time/assignments/grades). We reside in NY, so I am unsure of your rules/regulations that you have.

  33. Ky is really relaxed. We are to track attendance, keep our child's "best work", submit a letter of intent every year, and try to meet days/hours. There's no testing, no reporting. My guess is with the 15yo they need to keep a transcript.

  34. We started this year, to keep their "best" work and starting to try to understand the transcript procedure. We have one in 9th and the other in 8th.

  35. nevermind found it in the pdf manual, thanks

  36. I'm looking through chapter 13 as well ... am I understanding the material correctly that we would only need 1 tablet per person? If so, we wouldn't need the 120 tablet bottle but more like a "travel size" of 14 tablets?

  37. Dehydrate them .... could always grind them into powders for seasoning throughout fall/winter

  38. The only thing I haven't liked are their brand Doritos. They're icky. But, the chocolates and essentials are fantastic. The quality is amazing.

  39. Love Aldi chocolate! Their flour prices used to be better but not anymore which stinks.

  40. Flour prices have gone up a lot due to the war in Ukraine.

  41. I've been thinking/pondering this question over and it showed me that my family and I are not truly ready to live without the fridge/freezer. Yes, we have beans and a couple of cans of tuna (I know there are other sources of protein, maybe it's that Brick wall in my mind that I still need to break down). Yes, we can a lot of fresh produce from our gardens.

  42. Here is the video that got me starting to think about this questions. Maybe it will give you inspiration

  43. Thank you! It does give me an inspiration! Granted, I can only dream of having a stock room like hers, but I can work with what I have.

  44. A couple of mine turned red (amazing scent and flavor) ... it was kinda odd -- only a couple turned -

  45. what is the minimum setup required to get started growing mushrooms? How much does that cost? and most importantly what do they grow in and where do you find it(ie what type of soil)? I would love to grow mushrooms but all the youtube videos make it look like you need a lab. I just want some mushrooms for me and my wife, im not trying to feed the masses,lol.

  46. I'm curious as well ... we have tried doing those mushrooms (box kit) ... we didn't have luck with that

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