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  1. This is EXACTLY what it is. Look at ME on my bike! I'm soo cool!!

  2. Not surprising given the bear market. Not just for young people and crypto but oldester in any investment right now

  3. I DCA and I’m not worry about my investment - im playing the long game and even if I failed at least I took a chance and hopefully a wise one .

  4. The entire sub doesn't hate NFTs just the some of the loudest members, besides reddit avatars have some use on the reddit app. Crypto punks are one of the first NFTS and I believe they are the only NFT where the image is actually on the blockchain itself and not hosted on a separate server

  5. It’s the few crypto that is profitable. Also for a phone y not just get a used?

  6. And this is on top of their already inflated reporting. However I’m not sure if lower volume is bad per se since it might be a good sign for lower volitility

  7. Most of them can still go down another 70% or 90% but it doesn’t change the fact that this is a good time to accumulate

  8. A good rule of thumb in investing is that unless it’s zero it could always lower so don’t buy just bc it’s “cheap”

  9. Pt one and some people are just straight out rude or mean - especially the ones that have no idea what they are talking about. Why can’t we just all be nice or at least neutral

  10. how to mighty as fallen. From here to zero because they got greedy and decided to f*ck over their biggest user base.

  11. Because it's not profitable for most people. Cost of electricity too high

  12. ^ the only right answer, in a free market profit is a big factor, now if random commenting can be profitable then you would see… oh shoot never mind

  13. Helium, hands down lots of promises and potential for utility but under the hood it looks bad, really scummy

  14. Will matic ever be free from an eth dependence though?

  15. It won’t bc it’s an L2 but doesn’t need to - because even if it can capture a quarter of the market share about be incredible

  16. what if eth market share ends up being 0

  17. Then it would crash with it - as they say diversify but honestly if eth hits zero then there is a lot more to worry about.

  18. Good writeup and not to mention that ex ceo of google, Eric Schmidt is an advisor which does lend some more credibility in an otherwise uncharted world if crypto

  19. No I think the biggest problem is finding the right utility - if You could make a killer app like twitter or google that is one the blockchain that generates revenue then it’s gold

  20. I have checked and I can still see it there

  21. It’s probably some software issues - the assets is not on your wallet but in the chain so u good -

  22. Importantly is a technical error rather than a financial one - nothing to see here

  23. Sell the shovels folks - this is where the money will trickle down to

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