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  1. Ledger Live is a software to manage/update

  2. thank you. so I’d be able to see my xmr balance on ledger live, but to receive/send xmr requires using the desktop feather wallet? it’s like a channel with its own tv remote?

  3. No. Ledger Live (LL) can't see your balance for XMR. It can only see the balance of the coins you are accessing via LL. It is a convenience trade off that comes with a huge privacy benefit.

  4. It's only done when Binance makes the list

  5. What does that mean since they support Monero trading pairs?

  6. Trading IOUs (aka paperMonero/pXMR) is not affected.

  7. Why don't they want to purchase actual Moneros as liquidity?

  8. I guess at this point it's better to wait for market forces to declare them insolvent than to buy up 100 thousands of coins in a market so thinly traded as XMR.

  9. So far Binance, KuCoin, Bitfinex/Tether get away with it.

  10. KuCoin is just another shady CEX that is not solvent.

  11. Everybody needs privacy. It's a human right.

  12. Monero does more for your universal human rights today than BTC will ever be able to do.

  13. We've become completely divorced from the reality of what makes currency valuable. Namely it's ability to be traded for necessary goods. No crypto can do that today. Crypto is not a productive asset and cannot be used to purchase productive assets. It's just monopoly money. Why is this so hard to see?

  14. You must be new if you don't know about the DNM currency.

  15. The media is keen on pushing the 'crypto is bad' narrative even if it means bending the facts. They have no shame

  16. Thanks to Obama it is not illegal anymore to spread propaganda and lies.

  17. Imagine being here for 8 years and still not having figured out what CRYPTO (hidden/private) CURRENCY (digital fungible cash) is all about.

  18. The fact that "government cares a lot about Monero and doesn't give a shit about other coins" is actually the main bullish singal that Monero is in the right direction.

  19. Exactly.. :((( As much as I love monero I just find that bleak outlook too likely. I mean the way governments handle drugs today, they would soon label monero as the equivalent of CP, drugs, weapons, terrorism, just by the virtue of having anything to do with it.

  20. The thing is. If Monero will not balance the surveillance and control grid of CBDCs the future will look much more dystopian than you can ever imagine.

  21. Why would you downvote them? Oo

  22. A downvote bot is following him.

  23. They are compromised for quite some time.

  24. Right. Along with FTX and others. I'm wondering why they seem to target BCH? Or am I imagining that?

  25. Since they neutered BTC in 2014-2017, they are now targeting mainly XMR and BCH, because they are perceived as a threat to the Rothschild, Rockefeller & friends mafia gang. They used to hide behind certain fronts (Gates, WEF, Bilderberg). Blockstream, DCG, FTX are their crypto sweatshops. Bascially everything you touch in modern society is OWNED by them on a material level. But there are still free souls as well as there is (private) P2P sound money.

  26. 1W XMRBTC LMACD about to turn positive for the first time since April 2021 and January 2022.

  27. Just buy Monero or for that purpose any other POW coin. Self-custody. And enjoy the house of cards falling down.

  28. They are trying hard to get some grip again. It's a constant uphill battle once the wider market assumes you are insolvent.

  29. Binance does not hold any Monero. So I would not trust them at all.

  30. Easiest way to short zec against xmr? Asking for a friend😌 Quite unfortunate that there seems to be no direct zec/xmr pair anywhere

  31. Every short is a future buy, Ask yourself why you would want to buy ZEC in the future.

  32. Yeah right check their bnb price it is absolutely pumping up 27% in the last couple of hours!

  33. That's definitely prove that everything is fine.

  34. I'm working on something right now but afterwards these are what I want to create ccs proposals on. The first proposal would be about the desktop app so read this list without an order.

  35. Waiting for the CCS. More power to you!

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