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  1. You can see the separation between bed and cab.

  2. Funny or not, I started with an omelet too, and now my first passion is cooking. Anyway, I believe that everyone needs to know how to make some food.

  3. So did I! I think I cooked my first around age 7. I used to make jelly omelets! Gross.

  4. In my family, once I was about 12, me (m) and my younger sister were responsible for dinner one night a week. We had a handful of recipes to choose from - simple stuff like pasta and tacos, but the list slowly expanded. Mom or dad would help a little. This taught me how to cook the basics long before I went to college and now I’m a pretty good home cook for my family!

  5. This is how I grew up too. I think I've been cooking omelets since I was 7!

  6. I know it sounds stupid, but my thinking was water getting under the topsheet.

  7. Everything in there is soaked in epoxy. Doesn't matter at all. Just make sure it's a scratch and not a crack, i.e. damage to the tip.

  8. Do you think its like a one off lonely dude or should i take apart my bed lmao

  9. They don't infest beds. It got there because you or a pet picked it up outside.

  10. Sorry for your loss, I literally thought that was a giant weed nug before I read the caption.

  11. Get him some one of a kind (bamboo) ski poles from Grass Sticks! They do gift cards too with little bamboo key chains, so he can customize his own pair. Incredible product!

  12. Are you running the Wild and Scenic Main, or the Lower, since you mention the White Bird gauge? I'd stay away from the lower at 50k, Slide will eat your lunch.

  13. I'm not sure? See this AW page which references the white bird gauge.

  14. Might be better asked on mountainbuzz. Putting in on the middle fork 10 days later.

  15. You'll be good then! Yea I was gonna post there too. Thanks.

  16. I am pretty sure your post was where I saw it. Really works well for this. Do you have any of their other stuff?

  17. I have two of their tool aprons for my business's workshop.

  18. I bought one as well because of that other post a few months ago! It’s fantastic.

  19. So did I! Immediately. And I love it.

  20. With the way the water level is trending, most of the classic Main Salmon big rapids won’t be overly challenging. It’ll be low enough that Chittam and Whiplash aren’t really scary (although that pull to the right in Chittam will look intimidating). Big Mallard and Black Creek will be just some high quality wave trains, with no technical moves required. The sequence with split rock and five mile will be lots of fun but not too challenging. The hardest rapid will definitely be Elkhorn. However, this one shouldn’t be too bad as 5 man rock is underwater and there is a bunch of time to get to either side of the Elephant rock. You can scout the entirety of this one super easily on the right. (Source: I’m a guide on the Main)

  21. Hey... What level/range are you referring to?

  22. Hi! I can’t remember what the level was specifically at this point, but it probably was in the 20k-30k range

  23. Any chance you can provide a description like this about 40-50k? 30-40?

  24. What you plan is pretty much how you do it. One word of advice, wet sand them. Don't dry sand. You'll get airborne dust that you really don't want in you lungs.

  25. Personally I don't recommend the wet sand, I don't think it's very effective. Put on an n95 for sure.

  26. It would be nice if this sub made you create a flair to show where you're from (

  27. Thanks! I actually don't really know how to do that.

  28. Literally everyone's dog does this.

  29. You could post a recipe a day. I remember a similar thing a fellow redditor did with a different book. 😀 Cheers and congratulations on the find.

  30. You must be sheltered or live in a city in or near one. These trucks are a dime a dozen.

  31. Classic. $700 million and still a toll lane.

  32. False. It's 700mil, which is really not that much. And the toll lane is perfect. The alternative is tax money. There are PLENTY of rich folks going to the mountains on the weekend that will pay to use this.

  33. False. It's 700mil, which is really not that much. And the toll lane is perfect. The alternative is tax money. There are PLENTY of rich folks going to the mountains on the weekend that will pay to use this.

  34. Thigh brace swap, huh? I should mess with that. 5-11, 195, big legs, feet and ass and I just can't fit.

  35. Where is the water for 2300 units coming from? Seems like a pretty big bump from existing demands considering the basin is over-appropriated.

  36. Water is actually not that big of an issue. The city needs another water source aside from fish Creek already in order to build redundancy, with the additional source, we will be fine. Electric on the other hand is going to be costly.

  37. So are you saying the water is coming from a new source that is currently not developed? Not trying to be rude, I'm just curious where the water is coming from and you seem to be saying that it won't be coming from existing sources.

  38. I believe that is correct. There will be a new source. I've been briefed on this and did not take notes, so don't quote me!

  39. Bad form. Also if you’re tall guy like me your back is probably always hurting.

  40. I wouldn't say it definitely means bad form. Pretty hard to claim this without watching. Your lower back, and core, is doing a TON of work in bumps, so I'd expect to be sore. That being said, make sure you're working towards good form, you don't want to hurt yourself.

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