1. Tbh based on this message alone, I think you need to start looking at options for a managed wrapper.

  2. I was afraid of such an answer. Yes, this is an option, but I was hoping that someone who made the transfer from 6.X to 7.X would share a list of things to pay attention to.

  3. Sure but it sounds like you don’t have someone to do the work.

  4. I am wondering about another thing. I have prebid.js and gpt.js in the head of the page, but my GDPR CMP js at the very bottom of the page, right before . I wonder how much I will gain in real terms if I move it to Will they only gain ATF ads, or the BTF ones too? It seems to me that BTF will not gain?

  5. Are you using Universal Analytics (UA) or GA4? Exactly which report and/or dimensions are you looking at?

  6. Ohh OK, I didn't know that part about starts a new session. I am using UA. As for the report, I won't tell you exactly now, because I'm not at the computer. But I am taking a report that shows all the traffic on the site. Filters articles by specific URL and adds dimension Soruce / Medium.

  7. Ok then there are several problems. Firstly you are viewing all the pages user saw after clicking through any teaser. You could look into Landing page report with segment for the source/medium. But that does not filter out users who keep the UTMs into their next direct session. To solve that add dimension Direct Sessions is False. That way you can then analyse old data pretty accurately.

  8. you are real Google Analytics Pro. Thanks for that answer. It is complete. Wow i'm impressed. I will come home, I will calmly process what you wrote again.

  9. To add to this, utm are intended for tracking inbound traffic, not internal traffic. Also depending on if your using UA or GA4 can have an impact on your session count.

  10. Those are probably the two most immediate concerns, but you're also going to royally stuff up your attribution reports.

  11. I understand. Thanks for the information. I will read more about events as written above

  12. I've just swapped skull co thumb grip from my Nintendo switch's joycon but it bigger than razer kishi.

  13. in my Kishi v1 the original grips were destroyed after 2 months. What a crap. I just ordered the ps vita grips. Thanks for the info!

  14. I just wrote a post looking for the size of Thumb Grips. I understand that they fit with Switch Console?

  15. you are using HB from Pubmatic and lazy loading from Google (googletag.pubads (). enableLazyLoad)

  16. thanks for the link. I have read. It turned out that it doesn't have to be my monetized domain, but it may be the website of the whole group

  17. set up some auto-promotion ad to fill impressions where the floor price hasn't been reached.

  18. You could try to lazy load that ad unit

  19. no, I need it without a lazy load, because I deliver self-promotion and barter obligations on it

  20. Augustine, thanks for the info. Your threads are always pleasant to read. Would these fraud apps also have an interest in blocking Sizmek? Or are these fraud apps mostly desktop web and not mobile web?

  21. For anything over 5% I have them look at their tags and send a GAM report broken out by tag and date for them to compare. Depending on the volume of impressions, 5% discrep. can be a whole lot of revenue lost.

  22. I tried. Google Support says they can see active view count, so GPT codes are OK. As for the difference with other suppliers, I should ask them..

  23. I found an instruction on how to do this. Need to create a native style and use fluid size. More here:

  24. You either want to use a native ad, or resize the creative manually and then target different sizes on your line item and upload a creative for each size. The ad unit is what should be doing your responsive sizing, not the creative.

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