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  1. Agree with other posters here on doing this on a slightly cloudy day. But I have also seen great shots taken on clear or sunny days with the sun back or side lighting the trees during late morning or afternoon when it's low enough to have an angle but not too low (like at horizon or just above) or else the colors won't pop out.

  2. Amazing hike and video! Hawaii is an amazing place for the outdoors and nature. How common are the sunny skies on the mountains though? What's the best time of year to visit for a hike like this?

  3. Since stocks are going down the hill how long do you think that will take to show its effects on the housing market in the Bay area. Are there any data points showing housing prices in the Bay area dropped when stocks crashed say by 30 to 50%.

  4. I have long suspected the bay area housing market is closely correlated with the stock market, just given how entrained compensation patterns around the area are to the performance of the stock market (Think company RSU's, stock options etc.). Would be nice to see if there were any data points, but haven't found any. One thing to notice though (So Far) is that other metro areas on the East haven't seen prices fall anywhere as much as the bay area cities have (1-3% East cities vs. 7-10% drops in SF/SJC)

  5. Prices always go up - until they don't. Even the Bay Area market has limits where people will be waiting and seeing what happens.

  6. Add to that migration out to other areas of the state/country, demographic shifts and what have you, the result of the housing market here is anyone's guess. I will say this though, other parts of the country are likely to show resilience. Think SouthEast, Texas etc.

  7. 700-800k is not gonna get you a SFH in the bay, gotta go out more to central valley. I’d stretch your budget and just move to the tri-valley + pleasanton/livermore.

  8. Even the tri-valley summers may be too hot for OP. Average July high in Livermore is about 89 vs. 96 in Sacramento. Cooler, but nothing like a high of 70s in Castro Valley.

  9. Only by slightly. South Bay summers are always in the 80s so he’s used to it

  10. Speaking of used to, if OP is from India he must be used to 100 degree heat. But I digress. My point I guess is that tri-valley is slightly cheaper than the peninsula and areas near the bay for a reason

  11. Usually the first line of fertility treatment is clomid/letrozole. The out of pocket cost for clomid was like $25 a cycle. It has worked twice for me!

  12. She has with Ovulation Test Kits that use urine samples. Last few times we used them to see if she was in a surge and timed it - but each time we do it the period seems to get delayed. There isn't a delay in the few months we didn't do it, hence was wondering if there was actually something forming but wasn't of good enough quality to develop.

  13. Did she keep testing after her first peak? Sometimes you can have a false peak. That’s why it’s best to pair opks with bbt

  14. No she didn't. I pointed this out to her today. Let's see what future holds. Thanks for the advice.

  15. Off leash dogs, poorly maintained trails with unexpected steep sections and trails that I expected to be heavily or lightly trafficked (based on AllTrails) but finding it to be the other way round.

  16. I get ghosted all the time. Even after speaking with everyone in the interview process. Even after asking the HR for an update I continue to get ghosted. And yes, CitiBank is in the list of companies I got ghosted from. Just assume you aren't selected and move on.

  17. How is she tracking ovulation?

  18. She is using the ovulation tracker self-kits. The last time we had sex was when the test was positive, i.e. hormone levels in urine were high and the line was dark in the test. That was a little over 3 weeks ago. And her period started little over a day ago. So a gap of about 3 weeks between ovulation and her period starting. It is usually just 2 weeks so I am curious if trying to conceive had anything to do with it.

  19. OPKs do not confirm that ovulation will happen. They only predict ovulation like a weather forecast predicts it will rain on Friday. Weather predictions can be wrong and so can OPKs. You can get multiple LH surges a cycle before ovulation happens. She should be temping to confirm ovulation.

  20. "She should be temping" ... could you explain?

  21. 37 isn't too late. A lot of people I know conceived around then or even later, up to 40 years old. My own brother was born when my mom was 40.5 yrs. Keep trying, but also I would say given it seems you have already been on this a while, considering giving fertility doc a visit and get atleast get some blood work done

  22. Yeah I'm not trying to say they'll bother you. I've just had friends who have lived in Utah or Idaho who said that making friends and dating were both exceptionally difficult because of all of the Mormons and the vast cultural differences.

  23. Exactly. I lived in Salt Lake for 4 years before I moved into Northern CA. We were lonely and miserable there on a personal level - but the mountains were sure beautiful.

  24. That seems steep. How was it coming down? Looks like there isn't much exposure though as you are hiking in a gulch of some sort with walls around you.

  25. My AC has been on like the heat wave hasn't ended. Still can't open my windows and let the cool air in as its still too warm for that. The mugginess isn't helping either

  26. Went for a short lunch hike hoping it would be cooler. Wasn't. Got well over 100 here in the East Bay. Looking forward to tomorrow hopefully the forecast stays true to highs in 80s

  27. Wishful thinking. I will be happy if it even snows once on that mountain this year. Never mind if I get to see it or not

  28. The comment on the weather is so spot on. Locals love to complain how hot/cold/sunny/rainy it is all the time but move outside to another state reality hits hard and they realize how spoiled they were all this time.

  29. Mine did - although I helped it in the afternoon by increasing the setting every 1-2 hrs from 73 to 79 F. It still ran 80% of the time though. And that's with good insulation.

  30. I just did a 7 mile bike and almost fainted on my walk home. 2 hours ago and I’m still feeling terrible, even though this distance is nothing for me usually.

  31. What was the temperature? I find biking even more exhausting in the heat than hiking because when I hike it's easier to slow down or just stop and reduce the burden on my body. In biking it's harder to slow down as you could lost balance on some of the steep trails on the hills. Not that I recommend either in the heat, but if I had to choose one I would choose to walk or hike over biking.

  32. It was 93 at its hottest when I took a break. Luckily I stayed on flat roads through the city but the asphalt and lack of trees made it feel like radiant heat from all angles. I thought staying near the water was a better idea than cutting through the city but I was wrong.

  33. Glad you made it okay. 90 F is about my limit for biking, anything over and I am doing something more easy or if it's hot like today, not doing much at all and staying indoors.

  34. My sympathies to you. My son is now 5 years old and everything what you said so chimes in with me. Honestly, I don't know if there is a good way to tell how wives/mothers change once there is a baby in the relationship. I have seen many women become "normal" after an year or two. In our case, even after 5 years - she behaves over protective to the extent I feel I am not needed at all. Just this weekend, I wanted to introduce our son to a quick hike and she didn't let us complete it because she didn't "like the vibes" of the place. I mean, it was only 0.5 miles but nothing doing. Honestly, sometimes I feel so trapped because of the kid I can't even do anything now. Lot of what you wrote above, is still true to us. Like: (1) our son sleeping with us each night; (2) We never had a mealtime so far - it's always about my son being spoon fed even though is 5 and can eat by himself; (3) Can't take my son out to play sometimes because of XYZ ..... etc etc

  35. Trapped is how I feel sometimes. I hate feeling this way because I think it doesn't have to be. Before being a dad I always thought only horrible dads would leave but now I get it, it's tough and sometimes you just want to jump in the car and drive away...

  36. Same here. I used to wonder why couples split after having kids, not before. Now I get it. Spouses change after kids. And I don't know about daughters, but with sons often the kid is closer to the mom anyways so there is little you can do than suck it up. Kind of feels like you need to be lucky to get a caring spouse who stays caring and wants to still be with you after the kid. If you do, be glad and appreciate him/her for it.

  37. Mapy.cz is way better than AT, not to mention free and works offline. Similarly GaiaGPS, albeit a bit more difficult to use.

  38. Does is show game trails also ... and if they do is it easy to tell which are popular routes vs those that mountain goats use?

  39. So, I have AllTrails downloaded and I use it everytime I am in a new place or trail. But I still ask people how far something is because what AllTrails doesn't tell me (at least not very obviously) is: 1. how steep a trail is, 2. conditions like is it across a cliff face or just a path through the woods, 3. If there is another recommended trail that people take instead of what Alltrails is routing me. On (3), I have often encountered situations where if I blindly followed AllTrails (it's after called that for a reason), I end up on some game path that is way steeper and sketchier than the path commonly followed. I have learnt not to blindly trust AllTrails

  40. No, currently basting myself in the oven that is my non-insulated house. Got a small AC unit blasting and it's currently 91 degrees inside at 6:45pm. Tomorrow I'm upgrading to a 14k BTU unit...I can't take this shit. Also I may be RIP.

  41. Not to pick on you, but we have a nicely insulated home with floor tiles. Those aren't very common but they work marvels on a day like this. We were out for the long weekend and our AC was off the whole time. When we got back at 6 pm, we house was "only at 82 degrees". Still needed the AC, but way more tolerable. Another thing to consider for next season may be upgrading your insulation.

  42. So basically just be wealthy and you won't have to deal with peasant problems. Why didn't anyone think of that before?

  43. The house came with floor tiles I didn't do anything special. I just mentioned on my other post a flip side could be the high heating costs we pay in the winter. The cold tiles made for a $200+ PG&E bill for several months in a row

  44. So hear you on this one. I lost 3 out of 5 tomatoes because the squirrel would pluck them when still green out of the plant. And I lost many strawberries when the rats took a bite out of them in the night's. I was able to reduce rat issues by anti rat spray (not foolproof but works somewhat) and was able to get quite a few ripe strawberries out. But still no solution for the squirrels and the birds that ate all of my 40-50 blueberries before they even ripened

  45. Not thrilled about this, but the issue being we have had a few overconfident people over the last year or two who ended up inviting a search party in some cases lasting several weeks when they passed away due to the heat. That was a outsized burden on system and resources. I personally believe one should learn their own capacity in dealing with the heat and behave accordingly but the closure is a bit extreme in that it's an all day closure. Wonder if there was a way to limit to just the hotter parts of the day like say 10 am - 6 pm? Mornings here are usually pleasant, even during heat waves the lows are often in the 60s. Hard for me to digest why one can't go for a hike or a run at sunrise and be out by 10 am or so.

  46. Yep. Case 83759187421 of a few dummies ruining something for everyone. If you are remotely healthy and have heat exhaustion issues it's because you simply aren't drinking water. People need to know their own limits

  47. Indeed. When it's hot 90+ F, I carry 2-3 times as much water as I do when it's only 60 F. You can even get by with no water on a 60 degree or cooler day even for 3-5 miles but you do that when it's 90 and you are going to get hit hard pretty fast.

  48. I kind of share your story, although in a more nuanced way. I have one kid but am surrounded by coworkers who have 2 or 3 sometimes. And they keep talking about how their kids fight or play together all the time. I have also been directly asked if we have plans to have another kid. It almost seems having 2 kids is some secret right of passage for the professional world not just the personal one. And it really shouldn't be for either.

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