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  • By - hc5u

  1. Trust me, I'm VERY acutely aware of that. I've already reduced my travel on account of this by a LOT- in fact I haven't even gone anywhere far in over 5 years. I've downsized my bucket list quite a bit because I can't justify going to every single place I would have wanted to, which is kind of a significant sacrifice in my case considering the rest of my family are avid travelers and I'm constantly having to hear about all the places they go to. I''ve also been a vegetarian since the age of 10 and I'm never having kids, so my footprint is MUCH smaller compared to the average American.

  2. Having kids is by far the worst thing any of us could do for the planet, and you are giving that up, so yea, you could be forgiven for taking a flight here or there.

  3. Don't do it. I made the mistake of telling my mom about peak oil in 2007. She said something like "are you in a cult?" or "are you on drugs?" Something like that. I told a couple of coworkers too. Some think you're on to something but most will look at you like you're in some crazy cult.

  4. 3 years ago I would have fought vigorously to survive. Now, my thinking is same as yours.

  5. I agree stuff is pretty bad. I'm optimistic by nature but this year has thrown me for a loop. You definitely have people you can reach out to. They are right here. Some of us might even live near you.

  6. The idea that you have to live life to the fullest is more modern social programming. Before modernity, much of humanity was just focused on survival. Even in modern times, huge chunks of the population are just trying to struggle to get by.

  7. Travel isn't what it used to be. Super expensive. Massive crowds. Fear of covid. Packed airports. Packed planes. Irritable people. Shortages of this or that. Unhealthy eating. Throw in the guilt about all the fossil fuel being burned.

  8. Most of good health comes down to stuff like good social connections. Focus on that. I've been collapse aware since 2003 and this is as bad as I've seen things. Don't feel any guilt about indulging in some fun. Eat, drink, and be merry!

  9. One example is the "paradox" of the Mexican-American population. Lots of bad eating and other bad health habits, but very strong family and social connections. It is among the longest living subgroups of people in the world.

  10. There's an older book by Barton Biggs called "Wealth, War, and Wisdom" talking about what investments did well during extreme events such as Japanese or Italian stocks during WW2. It was a pretty popular book amongst the collapse aware around 2008.

  11. This good news is kind of like you are given six months to live but the dentist says you have no cavities.

  12. STEM will be useful decades after even total collapse. Survivors in places with running water will be able to jerry rig old small hydroelectric sites in places like upstate New York and scavenge and operate whatever computers remain.

  13. I hope this isn't true because the implications are staggering. What happens after a second infection, or third? What about young people now? What if they keep getting infected for decades? What state will their brains be in as they enter old age? Shit.

  14. I did the same. Got a 1.49% raise in 2021 and switched for a 30% raise. How pathetic though that companies don't recognize peoples value and just force them to job hop to get what they deserve.

  15. Once this civilization goes, that's it. All of the high grade metal ores will be exhausted. All of the easy to get fossil fuel, will be gone. It'll take millions of years for those things to partially replenish. There won't be a bronze age, just stuck in the stone age.

  16. Going to school could be more fun and enriching than travelling. Travel has gotten to be just another packaged capitalist good in most cases.

  17. I'll be checking it out. I think the risk is low but a bunch of low risks added together make a high risk.

  18. I've got a bunch of oral b glide in the bathroom. I don't swallow the floss. I'm guessing the risk is that the abrasion against the teeth would cause some pfas to rub off and you would swallow that? But I also rinse and spit out after flossing.

  19. Having been collapse aware for 19 years (and at one point very anxious and depressed), I can say that mindfulness "works" and stoicism "works". By "works" I mean that they have the potential to greatly reduce anxiety and depression and make it so you are less reliant on things like medication, alcohol, and drugs.

  20. Is it possible to just move and then be able to relax? I mean won't nuclear war, it's fallout, and then it's climate affects be devastating almost everywhere?

  21. Our life expectancy has gone down 2-3 years since 2019. My morbid observation: that will help Social Security stay solvent for a few more years.

  22. Except for all of the people who will end up on SSDI for long covid.

  23. Humans have long had to learn how to live happily with the understanding that we will eventually die. That's not new.

  24. The reporting on this was pretty shitty. Like is this going to raise sea level by 10 feet this decade or over the next 1000 years? Or maybe they don't truly know?

  25. From my following of it, the 10 feet was originally, back in 2001, supposed to come over the next 1000 years. Then, I think, last year they were saying it could happen over 200 years, but now with this new report I'm wondering if the true timeline has accelerated even beyond that?

  26. I wish I could upvote this more than once.

  27. I was in a peak oil group and in June 2009 we buried a time capsule with our predictions. It was to be unearthed in June 2014. In 2009 unemployment dominated everything. All of our predictions were for a 10-30% official unemployment rate by 2014.

  28. Congratulations to you though. You're smart and caring enough to realize not to bring kids into this clusterfuck.

  29. I'm really hoping that this summer of crazy weather is just an outlier, a fluke. If this becomes the norm, then we are firmly already in collapse, and even a functioning cheap commercial fusion reactor this year, is too late.

  30. I remember reading an almost exactly similar small buried article in early January 2020 and thinking, "ah its nothing."

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