1. Down, up, climb wherever you want for snu snu, just Konami code that pearl and if you survive the ride, well some may call it a horror show, but man being able to say the ground literally shook when you made love is chef's kiss.

  2. Assuming no trick weapons I would like the bewitched alonne sword or the valorheart.

  3. It's kinda charming in a so ugly it's cute kinda way.

  4. On a plot like this shouldn't neutral, by definition, be all black with no temperature variation as the baseline?

  5. It's from a sample size of 100 people there's going to be some outliers

  6. ngl, lore-wise the Ivory King (pictured here) of Dark Souls 2 fame is peak

  7. Yep i love his character so much

  8. Man got that darkussy then burned himself.

  9. Isn't 1k yen a dollar roughly?

  10. I was used to it being roughly $1 = ¥100, which was an OK ballpark estimate for years, but lately it's more like ¥140-150.

  11. People forget that Space Marines are nimble enough to do backflips and run fast enough to reach 50mph. They can also go weeks without food or drink and suffer minimal loss of efficacy, so they can wait like a patient spider before ambushing you.

  12. You can also "feel" the power armor they wear due to the electricity similar to old CRT tvs.

  13. It crawls into your pocket then explodes

  14. I could see a show based on all the different attempts made and the guy starts going crazy because he isn’t sure what’s going on and thinks stuff is haunted…. It all ends with the point blank ricochet and a voice over

  15. I love these greentext inspired stories so much

  16. Introverts still socialize tho just not as actually

  17. More like a child trying to preserve the memories of dead parents

  18. Art by Michael Whelan and Bob Eggleton

  19. These are jolly rancher shivs that where supposedly confiscated from a prisoner. Or from an episode of Mythbusters

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