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  1. I'm not saying snl didn't steal it, but I'll mirror what Joel said, and put a different angle on it:

  2. True, but there are a lot of coincidences beyond just the concept. Like the job the son wants instead, the mom being supportive, etc. It’s just a very specific joke that hasn’t been done this way before. And SNL even had an entirely different Charmin sketch in the past which was a focus group, so it’s not like this is the most obvious concept either.

  3. The official VIVO site shows that the 9.5" measurement is from carpet spike to carpet spike. I would assume based on that, that the base itself is going to be a little wider than that.

  4. That’s kind of what I think. But that doesn’t really make any sense — why would you not use the widest measurement? If the space you have is only 9.5” wide, then they wouldn’t fit. So what’s the point of the measurement then?

  5. It's her song. I know he wrote it- but she owned it.

  6. Yeah, he wrote it for her too. His version wasn’t released for quite a while.

  7. You’re right, my bad. But it’s true that Prince’s version wasn’t released for a while.

  8. This is because they don’t really know how to pick it back up after Craig , I mean where he ends just lead to almost reinvention with a clean untold slate. Start him out before he gets the 00 , show why he is what he is does what he does. For the 1 at one anyway.

  9. They should try a younger Bond. Yes, we’ve seen Craig as a new double agent, but the actors have been quite old. Daniel Kaluula maybe?

  10. Trump stole the documents. He broke the law. Charge Trump with a CRIME already! None of this special master B.S. It is only delay. They will continually chip away and muddle the main issue that Trump had and probably still has government property he shouldn't have and committed multiple crimes lying and covering it up.

  11. This special master stuff doesn’t matter anyway. The FBI still is allowed to continue their investigation after the appeal. He stole 100 classified documents and they’re going to grind him into dust for that.

  12. They have statistics on who has how much cash. I imagine 90% of the playerbase hovers around 5-10k Hunt bucks.

  13. Yeah, I’ve been playing for years and I rarely have more than 2K at a time. Dying is super expensive and if you die even 3 times in a row, you’re losing money.

  14. This is some Bioshock Infinite type shit

  15. I mean, it’s literally exactly how he was portrayed in the game. It might even be an exact replica of this statue.

  16. The only one(s) I can think of that they can try, and IANAL, are:

  17. Good luck with those. Hillary was under FBI investigation during her run. Also, you can still run for President even from Supermax prison so even if Trump is indicted and convicted, he wouldn’t be barred from running.

  18. Depends. If they were Catholic for some reason, they cannot hold the throne.

  19. He lost in 2012 so it would be his 4th time running.

  20. Ok I just found the og and honestly the sped up version is better Im sorry

  21. It cuts off the words being said and you can’t hear the guitar very well. You’re probably just used to the new version.

  22. I could say the same that you're just used to the old one

  23. I heard the sped up one first but I like the original better.

  24. And want to be able to say “no comment” when they get harassed about any drama. Just a “please keep me the fuck out of petty shit that I know nothing about”.

  25. That’s not what the statement said, they were pretty clear about refuting the rumours. The burden of proof is now on whomever suggested that Pugh and Wilde were screaming as to suggest otherwise could be libel.

  26. Casino Royale is pinnacle of Daniel Craig Bond. Eloquent screenwriting, great memorable characters, great acting, awesome villain, homage to the original movie, DB5. I would rank Craig’s Bonds as CR>Skyfall>Spectre>NTTD>QOS.

  27. Spectre is wayyyyy worse than NTTD. I might even put it below QoS

  28. I don't believe that man has ever been to medical school.

  29. Or he did it because he was expecting her to fold and wear the hijab for the sake of the scoop. That way he could justify his actions by showing the protesters that even non-Muslim women will wear the hijab when he tells them to. Totally backfired on him and he ran away instead.

  30. This is more likely. He DID do an interview on CBS where the interviewer was wearing one.

  31. I guess the question is, did she have to amend it or would the higher court's ruling simply supercede hers?

  32. I'll never understand the love of super strong IPAs. Why do you want a beer that tastes like gross gym feet and peels the enamel off your teeth?

  33. My pipe-dream casting for Bond is Richard Ayoade because I think he could surprise many people by coming off as dashing and debonair while retaining a bit of his goofy charm. It would be a breath of fresh air but it would never happen.

  34. This is sooooo stupid. I feel dumber for having read this headline.

  35. The real story is way less interesting. A bunch of team members and Ana wrote a card to Marilyn and placed it on her grave. She said this was their way of “asking permission”, but it’s clear it was more of a symbolic gesture and she didn’t literally whisper into her grave.

  36. Right, but then she asked her something.

  37. I get what your saying, but this is a serious matter here. We are attempting to elect a municipal government not the kindergarten class president. In my opinion, I don't think anyone should be using any names on an official ballot that aren't in English or French. If one person gets to have an advantage by having a name in another language then everyone should have that right. Elections in a free democratic society should be equal for everyone that is running. Nobody should be given any sort of an advantage simply because of their background and where they come from.

  38. It’s a bit tricky because Chinese names are usually entirely different from their given English versions. So it’s arguably a disadvantage not to have them spelled out in Chinese characters on a ballot as the English name wouldn’t necessarily be recognized by their constituents.

  39. The official languages of Canada are English and French. You also have to be a Canada citizen to vote in an election in BC. You could still use the Chinese name but have it spelled out in English or French.

  40. English and French being official languages doesn’t mean they’re the only languages that can appear on a document, it just means they must appear as well. There’s no reason not to accommodate a large minority population who might be more comfortable with reading the same information in their native language.

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