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  1. Nah if it did ricochet it would bounce off a jacket; just wore glasses and it was a non factor from what I remember. I was young tho maybe 8-9; I just remember it not really affecting the pans that were super thick; if it was anything bigger though it was putting holes.

  2. Eugghhh...I can't believe I used to tolerate .22 ricochet as a parents would have been horrified lmao

  3. Before you guys make jokes in light of death, just imagine the family or coroner who has to deal with the corpse.

  4. I agree and I don't want to sound like selfish fuck but with 20k I can barely do anything where I live... 100% gain with $10k and $1 mill is not the same so I don't think looking at % does it for me...

  5. What other metric would one consider when calculating return on investment?

  6. Wouldn’t posting that information online not be a stupid thing to do? Could someone do something with the case ID ?

  7. It's a fucking case ID dude. What is someone gonna do? hAcK dA mAiNfRaMeZ?

  8. It's not like the drawing of the head is anything to write home about...if you told me a 4 year old did this whole thing I'd be convinced.

  9. I doubt she meant it like that. It was more during the sitting down next to the woman that my mom said it like that, as if to really apologize that we would be sitting there.

  10. Same thing I was doing during the bull. DCAing, staking and chilling.

  11. "das the last one of dem we're durrin' hurhur yeeehawwWwwwwwshooooweeeeeeeeeee!!!! yipyipyipyipipshoooweeeeeeeeee!"

  12. If you go to and click on the red link stating something to the effect of "BEST MILITARY GORE ON THE INTERNET" the clip can be found there amongst many other clips from Ukraine and the region.

  13. I don't endulge text speak. My friend once asked "Wyd" And I didn't knoww ahtbit meant so I responded "Why?" And instead of telling me what it meant, she told me what it meant. This made me realise what it meant but it also showed she didn't actually care what I was doing as she forgot she had asked.

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