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  1. Imma keep it real chief, I lost track of which girl is which like 30 chapters ago and I’m just following for Kuzuhana at this point lol. I can’t be the only one.

  2. Best HotWheels accessory of all time

  3. Oh boy. Here's a bit of lore for those who aren't aware.

  4. Kyle Rittenhouse is one of my favourite US politicians

  5. Same energy as “Cory in the House is my favorite anime”.

  6. Bro the choice is A) keep getting bullied because I don’t talk to anyone like I was for 8 years straight Or B) don’t give a shot and actually try to intersect with people and be socially accepted.

  7. It will be funny when the kerch bridge gets destroyed and they're stuck in Crimea.

  8. We over at NCD are all waiting for the funni

  9. Hmmm. Reread your comment. Maybe he's not the one that fell for propoganda?

  10. The fuck does this even mean, you're not saying anything.

  11. And you had nothing to say! Use your room temperature iq for something and actually think for once in your life.

  12. Oh wow. I just used my room temperature iq and thought for once in my life, and I realized that a conversation with you is absolutely pointless. Since you won't stop blowing up my DMs like some fucking incel, enjoy the block instead, buttercup :)

  13. One of the few anime its age that people still watch

  14. Bold of you to think Russia even has 60bil USD to throw at this fiasco

  15. Seriously asking, is that really the dude behind the cope account?

  16. Yes that's him. Glorious receding hairline and all.

  17. Jesus fucking Christ… I woulda thought he was college sophomore age at most. His hairline is far too gone for him to be waifuposting like a zoomer, my god.

  18. Might be a hot take, but I think the league taking a hard stance against this kind of behavior will be important toward having openly gay NBA players in the future.

  19. Actually this copium is four month old.

  20. Still fresher than Russian weaponry

  21. Wait a minute, what’s gonna happen after Putin makes the west think it’s winning? That can’t be the end of his master scheme, right? These fuckers can’t even conceive of victory in their copium-fueled delusion lmao.

  22. Well it's not like we read this because we want to use our brains.

  23. Mirror pic was straight out of My Dress Up Darling


  25. I can't believe they removed this shit it's so funny

  26. I think you need to add more drugs, but I'd agree on the rest.

  27. Why does Russian propaganda always make Ukraine look based as fuck?

  28. I wanna know where tf you heard that, because NYC is one of the best cities for Asian men.

  29. Taking the time to mention that I'm a software engineer at AWS and this makes me smile. Thank you daddy Bezos.

  30. are you fr on the internship referral lmao?

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