1. Big L for 1 and the rest under him get shitted on

  2. Ghost, Raekwon and Wayne only ones that belong on that list. Others are, in no order, em, Nas, hov, black thought, big, Scarface and jada. Honorable mentions to prodigy, styles p, Lloyd banks, big pun and ice cube.

  3. Why are you wearing a mask in an open space ?

  4. Yo nunca me vacune y sigo en plena salud .

  5. Me acuerdo cuando los policias andaban matando a los emos en esos tiempos .

  6. Ki and d.rose . Chiraq villians fa sho

  7. Considering how many republicans are in trouble for their actions with kids, including human trafficker Matt Gaetz, you’d think they’d get their messaging right?

  8. Epsteins flight log had all types of guest . Left and right , rich and famous .

  9. Adam thought he can fit in my taking off shirt and showing off tattoos LOL

  10. God is only real if you believe .

  11. Youre good man . Its 2022 , people are doing far worse that “crying.”

  12. The guys in the back didnt have guns because theyre on time out Lol

  13. Whats he look like ? Just so i can copy his style and get laid LOL

  14. Because they blocked me for saying mr.lil e wouldnt last a day in the 90’s LOL

  15. Lil Mr E is in his 30s I’m pretty sure He was alive in the 90s lol

  16. They could have just told me that instead of blocking me

  17. A lot of the stuff people say they "heard" was really just read off the internet. "Heard" implies that they actually heard it from another person (presumably) in the know.

  18. Legend has it Von had her killed because she was going to expose footage of her pegging him

  19. Lil Wayne paved the way for LGTBQ rappers after he was caught kissing birdman on the lips . Definitely influential .

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