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  1. You also want me to explain what other coins I’m watching? I don’t mind doing that… but why?

  2. I’d love a phone call like that. How come I’m never this lucky.

  3. I bet if it was a female there would be uproar and people saying he deserves to get a beating!

  4. In decades from now we will all have a cool story to tell our grandkids. It will either have a happy ending or a sad ending, who knows. You will either be that smart person who made a fortune in the “early days of crypto” or you’ll be known as that fella who took a chance and lost. You’ll be the genius or you’ll be the Idiot to those with 20/20 hindsight. Only time will tell.

  5. Dude, you can put your imaginary Lambo where the sun doesn't shine, I'm gonna cash out like a madman as soon as I can realize a decent gain! There's always time to invest more, but the time to take profit is when you feel like it!

  6. The problem is timing and greed. It’s hard to cash out when you’re going up 20% each month not knowing when it will fall apart and lose 30% over night!

  7. I take it you mean: “how could I make the btc Iv purchased with a KYC account unable to be traced back to me”.

  8. Why? So if it goes higher you can come back and say “I told you so” but if it goes to 0 or stays down you can just ignore the remind me feature and pretend you were never wrong 😑

  9. I think the reality is: although not designed for it, CRO was used mainly for the cdc cards. When they went to shit, CRO went with it.

  10. This shit is what makes people skeptical about crypto.

  11. CDC had 2.9B$ before the storm fell down to 2.2B$ ( when CZ tweeted about CDC) and now two weeks later we recovered .

  12. CDC doesn’t rely on CRO, therefore, Binance can do whatever they want. But Binance will be the exchange that came up hard and they will fall harder. This is a company that is trying to play federal reserve with crypto. Once Binance fails, crypto will be sent back to the beginning, and it will give everyone a chance to get rich. Crypto is supposed to be decentralized, but it’s manipulated by Binance big time.

  13. Crypto.com is my best bet. Or dApp University and build your own decentralized exchange. Or work with a dApp University student a d help them build one. That's what I'd like to do, or better yet get a group of folks and a group of dApp students and go full on enterprise

  14. Cdc is great if you want to pay higher fees and spread!

  15. As long as your seed phrase and the pin for the device are secure… it’s just a useless piece of plastic.

  16. On chain data shows 1 billion wallets containing BTC. 1 billion wallets is 14% of the world. Lets say 50% are doubled or lost wallets....500,000,000 unique wallets? 7% of the world? Who knows but Im quite sure its far more than 0.1%.

  17. I lost my savings by lodging it in an unregulated bank in a different country because they told me they will give me 4% interest then they went bankrupt.

  18. And housing will be $3million average by then. A million won’t be what it used to be the way prices for literally everything keep rising

  19. Every single “card” photo is fake or re-used. You can fucking just tell.

  20. I’d believe that if the cards were still good.

  21. The way I look at it… would you give an unregulated bank in a different country your cash to mind?

  22. If I were lucky enough to have a sum of crypto that large, I would use a new device for each 30k, I know it’s more seed phrases to mind but if one gets compromised at least it’s not your full stack!

  23. ~~so no multi factor authentification? no virus protection? Some exchanges even go as far as doing geolocation control - eg if someone not in the same city as you is trying to log into your account is blocks the attempt just based on location of the attempt alone. Were none of these security options set up? (~~realise this was browser to wallet based logger, didnt read properly at the start). I dont understand how people will hold 100K plus in crypto but not bother to ramp up security!? Also how did he get the key logger? what links was he clicking on!?

  24. “Girls from all over [ insert country] are flirting and having fun right now, click here to get chatting” 🙈

  25. I think if you choose to close your account they will unstake them for you… Iv seen this discussed in a sub a while back so verify first with them before you consider that option!

  26. Definitely! But I lost to voyager and FTX because I was constantly buying and moving off exchange. But FTX US added a 10 day withdrawal wait, so that ended that DCA for the week

  27. That sucks. Hopefully that’s the end off your bad luck!

  28. I had this with Coinbase… wasn’t getting any of the 2fa text messages. In the end I had to go through the painful process of changing the number associated with CB. Lucky I have a second phone with a different number for work, otherwise it would have been much more difficult.

  29. I only have credit card debt with them, what are the odds I can get away without having to pay it in full?

  30. Tldr: “we are kinda fucked at the moment, not as fucked as some people say, but still pretty fucked enough that we can’t give people their money. Also, I wouldn’t give us any more of your money for now…”

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