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  1. holy shit.... I had this exact same idea for a game, exactly the same look. I'm kind of flabbergasted right now but cheers man, in my head, always felt like it would be an amazing ass concept for a VR game, especially if you can play with friends and there's boss battles

  2. Guess we'll go there and let you eat your shit in peace.

  3. Doesnt this make u a whiner tho?

  4. I offered and created a solution. Its not mindless complaining. There's an obvious difference.

  5. To answer your question, I asked it to ascertain the very thing I asked, your opinion. Thank you for the answer.

  6. like this pseudo genius bullshit you're doing is sad dude. you aren't trying to just get my opinion. You're trying to make a point. You're not some edgy genius bro chill

  7. I appreciate your words and thoughts. I'm asking someone who is a stranger, questions about themself. I appreciate your fist answer.

  8. Sure. I apologize for the hostility. I think everyone is a pawn. But a pawn means you ultimately have a master. I believe these pawns have different agendas and different factions/alliances they work with.

  9. When this subreddit become a personal diary for people to vent how they are bored/disappointed/mad/fatigued. Like seriously please stfu and leave. Its so difficult to find actual info on this sub and it happens to have the best info out there. So seriously please make an alternative subreddit for your bitching. I DONT GIVE A FUCK IF YOU DON’T LIKE GAME. Just stop being a bitch and gtfo

  10. This is what I was going to do. Whats your other 5 gems. Actually i really like bloody reach though

  11. It depends on your other gems too. For example, I'm replacing one of those with a Howlers Call which procs on primary attack - so I will go with attack speed and replace Berserkers. Higher attack speed in theory procs Howlers quicker after the cooldown.

  12. Wait are you just replacing it howlers for the resonance boost? Or the perk. Because its a very situational gem and i feel a level 10 caarsen or berserker is better than a howlers

  13. Part of the 87,000 is for the IRS to create a system for easy taxes, filing and modernizing the system. This bill addresses your problem, however there is a schedule in it. It has to go through development and implementation.

  14. Dude gtfo here. I know you come here to convince yourself you’re a deep thinker and stuff but you’re not. You’re a simple bumpkin who is in way over his head. Just go back to working hard and doing what you’re told. Just be a good boy and leave the thinking to the adults

  15. Yea I’ll see you mine, near new condition with elite strap and anker charger

  16. Its not changed by report but its just a bug. I think this problem in whole game on all servers

  17. Let me ask you, are there nazis in ukraine or not? And are their fascist parties that hold authority over the government or not?

  18. I don’t mind if anyone is trump supporter. Everyone has a right to choose their leader. What I am against is that people saying he is a saint, a saviour, when clearly he had ties with epst**n like many other rich elites.

  19. Can you prove he did illegal things with epstein? And before you lose your shit some more, I’m sincerely asking. Prove it. Heard lot of people make the claim he was in bed with epstein. I want you to prove it and not just photos of him and epstein.

  20. Go to DuckDuckGo and search for YouTube videos there. All the videos are still there, google just doesn’t show them as results (also interesting to note that dmt video results are being censored when it’s usually anti government or conspiracy results that are hidden. Why doesn’t the elit want the masses to know about dmt?)

  21. Are you really asking the question? Or is it rhetorical. Cause yea seems obvious to me 🤷‍♂️

  22. Make the camera flash or have some indication it too a photo before the polaroid comes out. I believe it will be the cherry on top

  23. When I a chose the model to start modeling, I should've picked one with the flash. I agree with you, a ilumination being part of the loop would be pretty cool

  24. Or you can get a light flare flash and compose it over the flash of the camera

  25. Help Greta finds her cat and hopefully devs will add pet system.

  26. Sometimes i feel like developers have the easiest fucking job. They literally have to scroll through reddit for a month and get at least 10 practical ideas/concepts that can be incorporated at low to no cost and improve the experience for everyone

  27. Tell me you have no idea how programming works without telling me

  28. Nah saturn’s reign is over. Thats why there is so much chaos. Transition into new timeline

  29. Isnt it Jupiter that has rule over this world ? Zeus ordered Heracles and deceived Heracles(Mars) into trapping the Titans and who has command over the Titans and who is the father of the Titans ? Saturn ....I think maybe you have things upside down but I can't be 100% sure ,so, who knows . Heracles was later cursed by the gods and the Titans were our protectors

  30. cute lol what server is this that the paragon level is so low??

  31. You need to find a good clan that is active and sets goals for themselves. You have to team up with like minded people

  32. Thanks man. We actually ended up becoming immortals. The other clan declined the offer and the Immortal clan gave us an offer and we accepted. YEEEEEE

  33. Emmm but according to reddit it was CCP that wanted to see DI banned for trash talking the Pooh according to

  34. current server level + 4 as he stated. you can look it up.

  35. I think it's implied with context, but it never hurts to ask. He admittedly had an unnecessarily rude response to your original question.

  36. Thats what i was doing, i was asking. Wtf are you talking about? I straight up feel like I’m in a clown world right now

  37. Keep in mind, really high = really low. Lots of people with adhd lose interest in their partner when the high eventually wears off. And then you jump to the next person that makes you feel high. And you can say it won’t happen to you but then one day you tell yourself, hm i’m not hyperactive around my boyfriend anymore. Does it mean our relationship is dying? Or some other rationalization, and you have to ask yourself, how much of a slave are you to your emotions and mental condition? Are you going to allow it to interfere in your way of happiness? Something to keep in mind.

  38. I actually think that movies going to do really well we haven’t really had a solo Hispanic superhero film yet not that I can remember anyways

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