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  1. Very gently use some kind of pliers to wiggle them off. They're covers for the threads that have been painted over.

  2. I like beach cruisers since they're sturdy, usually steel framed, have large frame openings, and have fairly wide tires. The best of them are the more modern ones with multi-speeds and rim brakes, but an old single speed cruiser is fine as long as you add front and rear side pull brakes.

  3. Go through CDH. Same engine, without the markup. Bikeberry sources their engines from cdh

  4. It’s a decent kit but bikeberry known for being over priced and missing hardware, I would get one from CDH power, it’s gonna be about the same quality but CDH power is known to have good service and will send you parts of smth broken, and a cdh motor only 140

  5. Thank you so much for the response tbh never really trusted bike berry because of their return policy where putting fuel in the motor makes it nonrefundable.

  6. Nobody needs a minigun but you cant deny it would be fun asf to shoot one

  7. What kind of info are you looking for? Help with mindset? Habits? Running your company like a true business? Investing?

  8. Looking for something that could help me with running a business. Also looking for specific things like marketing and accounting. I have done a lot off research about all these topics, but online sources can be confusing.

  9. Waffle House closes kiss your butt goodbye

  10. If Waffle house ever closes I'm just going to accept my inevitable doom.

  11. Not the actual peak but a great example of what an average person can accomplish if they put in the work and time.

  12. he used to make pretty good funny content now he's done a 180 and panders to woke cunts. he's turned evil it's actually bizarre.

  13. Facts I didn't know about him till recently but when I went back to is old stuff it was actually decent wonder where it went wrong,

  14. My dad is very similar somehow makes every situation about himself

  15. Everything started to go downhill when he left redbull

  16. He probably has chicks lining up at the door for him at this point. One of them is bound to be psycho.

  17. Don't know how you can say somebody who wants to shoot a bunch of kids isn't mentally ill.

  18. Swordplay is more difficult to take down hordes with because it only attacks one at a time. With Blunt weapons you can swing once and knock down a bunch of them but with swordplay you need to carefully dodge attacks.

  19. Ideally, having an LLC will bring the risks and rewards of a business to you irrespective of who is behind it (An adult or a minor). It would be best to always work with a good and reputed RA instead of the cheapest one, especially since you are starting your business. Start thinking like a businessman here.

  20. Thank you so much I really appreciate the feedback. Definitetly won't be going for the cheapest option.

  21. Thats why he put his hands over them granting an unlimited damage shield against all damage.

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