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  1. And if you need it spelled out for you by the VA Code (notice no mention of a speed limit but rather "speed of traffic"):

  2. I don’t think this means what you think it means... I highly doubt VA would be stupid enough to codify in their statutes that exceeding the speed limit is permitted as long as everyone else is doing it. Think about what that would mean for contesting tickets - “but I was going the ‘normal speed’” “oh, case dismissed”

  3. The state of VA is not that stupid. By writing it the way it does it is delineating offenses, not excusing one for another.

  4. Hey, I have a question for you. Let’s say someone has multiple claims pending. Is it normal or common for the VA to go ahead and make a decision on one of them while the others are pending?

  5. It's only "Chaplain" if it comes from the Chaplain region of France. Otherwise it's "sparkling clergy."

  6. Did they miss questions that you thought should have had checked boxes? If so, that may need to be addressed. They should have also asked in the end as a best practice if there's anything else you want to bring up.

  7. I felt like i described everything i needed to say except i forgot about the hygiene aspect. I put that in my lay statement though. Do you think the rater will view that as well?

  8. That I'm unsure. At my short C&P I had sent my statements and all of that after the appointment but the guy seemed to think he had all he needed. That said, the rater will see the statements and take all evidence into xo sidération. So I don't think the DBQ alone trumps everything else, but I can be wrong. Just my thoughts.

  9. I think what many juniors don't know is we do Officer exchange programs all the time with various countries. Shit, I don't even know how it works, but I know my old boss is assigned to the Bundeswehr for a year in an exchange programs. Super jealous.

  10. I looked into this at a senior LT. At that time I would have had to fly myself to London for interviews. Then I think it would've been 3 years in Australia. Perth comes to mind for some reason. But I know it sure as hell was not Sydney or Melbourne.

  11. ESRI personal use license is $100 plus tax and includes 3D, Spatial Analyst and other good stuff

  12. Aren't there "credits" to buy also, and every tool costs a certain amount of credits to use?

  13. Because long-term average return is around 10%. If you pull out when down you miss the rebounds. When the market is down is when you buy more.

  14. Gotcha. So basically, stick with it because if you don't you'll miss returns (if/when the market turns around)?

  15. The market will turn around. Look at a max historical yearly return chart. It goes up with some (sometimes big) dips. "If" the market does not turn around we have bigger issues at hand, like a dystopian future on the short horizon.

  16. The VA website can answer his as well as the knowledge base of this subreddit. But yes at 80% you can go there for all of your health issues, not only the service-connected ones.

  17. People put all kinds of weird typos in there. The server/bartender usually input the tip amount or the total amount manually, so they would catch it.

  18. The PTSD form for compensation should give instructions on what to do if the event or unit activities were confidential in nature. I can't remember specifics though on the instructions.

  19. Yeah I got cocky on my first post in the sub lol But honestly I wanted to show everybody even the trump cultist or some stubborn gun guy a simple picture. My hope is because it's just picture the trumpettes read it whether they like to or not. Its to plant the seed of doubt that maybe less guns means less deaths.

  20. It does more harm than good to do so in this manner, for reasons already stated above.

  21. The decline could also be attributed to suicides which are often included in these stats.

  22. I think this is part of how everything gets muddled into "gun violence" which may include suicides, domestic disputes, gang wars, mass shootings, etc. Not to mention gun type related to what a gun law states versus what is actually used in most gun violence incidents (which I believe is handguns).

  23. Good start with Hobbit and then LotR. I'd recommend Silmarillion after, as it's a pretty overarching history and has the main elements of things expounded on elsewhere. You can also read Unfinished Tales or Children of Hurin after that.

  24. Took about a month. It was pretty exhaustive, around 8 dense pages, and it worked in my case in establishing a link between my PTSD and OSA. These results may vary of course since we all have different experiences and medical records. But he's legit and for the price I thought it was very well-done, even if it hadn't worked.

  25. You allowed to wear any subtle hearing protection or is that frowned upon?

  26. I was a 13A and can give some input. 13B has I think the lowest GT score threshold. That's to say you'll get a good mix of intellectual capabilities in your teammates. It's a physically demanding job because you'll be carrying ~100lb projectiles from wherever they come from to storage, from storage to the staging area, from there to the gun. Then maybe you and someone else get to ram the thing into the tube. But you'll always have trucks around to tow the artillery or you'll be in a self-propelled unit so there's always a ride. It's incredible fun when firing, and pulling the lanyard makes you feel powerful. But when not firing the job is kind of boring. You just wait around for something to happen.

  27. If a provider at a C&P exam tells you what's wrong, does that count?

  28. To my knowledge yes, but I'm not entirely sure. I haven't had that experience. Once you have a diagnosis you have to show that it was actually caused my a primary condition and not a connection you pulled out of your nether region randomly, or caused by something else. That's usually the tricky part.

  29. They said that it was likely caused by a service-connected condition that has been getting worse.

  30. I'd get my hands on that DBQ and see what it says. You can also take this info to your PCP and have them do some digging. Send it to them via the secure messaging on MyHealtheVet and make sure at least that gets into your records. From what you're saying it seems to me you're on to something but more work has to be done.

  31. Depression, anxiety, etc. can lead to weight gain. Connecting OSA to a mental health condition in this case may work.

  32. I haven’t done jack squat or ever been contacted after I got out.

  33. Most medical facilities are being more cautious and sticking to COVID protocols. Literally no downside to it IMO.

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