1. You never know, the Covet fan base consists of a vast majority of Yvette simps

  2. To be fair, I love Yvette (or her musical genius and creativity anyway). But COVET was the entire band, and without the original band (each band member contributing their part to make the whole unit/ music/ songs), it is no longer COVET (to me anyway). It's sad because I only discovered COVET a year ago or so, and they pulled me out of a depression and got me back into playing guitar. They were all so amazing. Now I'm depressed again, knowing COVET is no more.

  3. Definitely, David and Forrest definitely contributed a lot, in both the songwriting and performance part of things. Yvette on her own is going to have enough draw that she'll do fine on her own, but I imagine there's going to be folks such as myself that aren't going to care as much anymore.

  4. Classic Dem move of "let's pay the full political price for doing the thing upfront, but then not actually do the whole thing"

  5. private loans were never a part of the "whole thing"

  6. " Ultimately, this administration official says, roughly 800,000 borrowers would be directly affected. "

  7. there's no reversal. this has always been about federal borrowers. all student debt should be forgiven but private borrowers have never been a part of this conversation

  8. So I'm right and getting downvoted for it lol

  9. You're getting down voted because you're making some pretty disgusting insinuations with zero evidence. All that's been made clear from her comments are that there's some irreconcilable personal issues, and well, welcome to the music world and being in a band. Just because Yvette is female and a male member left does not mean what you're implying. We'll see if we get any more information.

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