1. [[Jaheira, friend of the forest]] + [[Guild artisan]] I've never had a deck that makes so much mana. I can easily make 10+treasures by turn three. It's such a fast and explosive deck that all I truly need is card draw since I empty my hand completely incredibly fast

  2. Kinnan requieres the permanent to be tapped so it wouldn't work here sadly.

  3. It's good as a filter, though. Kinnan discord is reasonably excited about it for turbo lists

  4. Ah yeah I know that. I just wanted to clarify cause I have friends that thought it would work in kinnan until they read that kinnan needed them to tap.

  5. The opposite frankly. Drannith is fine power level-wise, but I can't think of a more egregious card for the philosophy of the format than 2 mana "none of you can play your commanders and I can". The format is called commander, the point is to build around a commander, and a ubiquitous card that punishes players for doing exactly that is entirely what the RC ban philosophy is for imo

  6. While I don't want drannith banned I get your reasoning. It's the same reason why karakas was banned. It just made commanders unplayable. Especially with effects like seedborn muse. Maybe they could instead change the rules that your Commander is "part" of your hand. Cause I don't play drannith to stop commanders. I play drannith to stop elshas, prospers, and soon maybe knowledge pool that I'm thinking of adding to my deck.

  7. Uj/ The only time sbmm should be unwanted is when it's done badly (like apex). You'll get teammates level 50 that don't know how to even open doors while your opponents end up being 5 time predators with three times the amount of lifetime kills I have in a character that's been out for 2 days.

  8. Dunno what that is tbh. But every time this topic comes up on the apex sub it's mentioned as sbmm. I think dzk (ex lead designer) used to call it sbmm too

  9. That’s a pretty achievable number when the game has been out for almost 3 years. If OP doesn’t play many other games that aren’t apex, it’s not too crazy of a number

  10. Yeah I've got 4k hours and it's basically that. I sometimes play other single player games but most of the time I play apex.

  11. This, I have 160 hrs in Hades, about 50 in Titanfall 2, maybe 50 in Minecraft, maybe 300 in Hearthstone, and probably 100 scattered between 20+ other games I occasionally play but apex is my main game.

  12. Yeah we've got simikar playtime on Non apex games. The game I've played the most after apex is spider-man with like 400 hours in it. Pandemic also helped since there were like 2 months where I had nothing to do so I'd basically play for like 15 hours.

  13. This is one of the best legends I’ve seen in a while, I’m not sure how far up your own ass your head has to be to not see that

  14. Creates a tapped worse treasure, and you can use that worse treasure to activate her overcosted ability, which is to exile a creature from your graveyard to then create a tapped 3/3. That's IF she survives past her first attack

  15. Fyi, the powerstone tokens don't sacrifice themselves. They are just about as far away from a treasure as you can get while still making mana.

  16. Powerstones are a great idea fort the game since its a balanced version of a treasure, but they'd be better if treasures (or sets involving treasures in like 90% of their cards) didn't exist

  17. That is incredibly casual my dude, more likely you see direct exiles like merciless eviction than anger of the gods which largely is trash in casual games as 3 damage isn’t much

  18. You can ask my playgroup and they could all tell you that the deck itself is cedh. A bit budget since I can't afford all the big money cards but still is. Angel is easy to cast since katilda ramps me super hard. It's also a great protection against mill decks/cards like [[mesmeric orb]] which is actually pretty meta in my playgroup. I put it in like a week or two ago, thinking "I'll see if it's actually worth it after playing it 2 or 3 times or seeing If I always keep it in hand" and after playing with it it's 100% worth it. Also, don't some cards seem super casual unless it's the right deck?

  19. List pls, I’ll judge for myself Big mana cards and a commander that’s just ramp no engine isn’t always best, there’s many cheaper things too It appears as a much worse kinnan to me I recomend proxies to play full strength but I get it if your group doesn’t allow them

  20. I don't use proxies cause my lgs does Commander fnms and they don't allow proxies. But there are people with actual cedh decks with full on dual lands and, leds, and timetwister (singular cause so far only one guy has it) and it's either given them a run for there money or actually beat them. Katilda isn't just a mana card. With the village bell ringer/emiel combo I can make my things infinitely big and kill everyone. Big mana cards aren't the best yeah. But given what it actually does in my deck it's insane how much it does. If they happen to exile village-bell ringer I can always just constantly bring everything back using emiel and the angel. Plus the only actual big mana cards in the deck are the angel, [[winds of abandon]] (technically), and [[Kindred summons]] which can change the game for me. This is the

  21. I don’t think it was so much a matter of intelligence as much as he was still an animal with animalistic instincts, which he gave into when he attacked the guy.

  22. The bling process for my Tasigur deck has been a 5 year journey that I have been working on.

  23. Man I wanna bling my katilda deck but seeing how much the foil root maze costs turned me off immediately.

  24. Well at least it's not on the RL. There's a couple cards like that I'm waiting for to be reprinted. Like Fellwar Stone and Noxious Revival.

  25. You're in luck with the fellwar stone kinda. Warhammer secret lair brings it

  26. Yeah this is the most important thing to know. Stax pieces are highly based on the meta around you. No use using a [[ethersworn canonist]] if all the decks around you play jhoira/urza.

  27. Literally how? They're movies based on comic books. So it's fair to judge them by comic standards. This is an extremely common practice in comics. Killing someone in a dramatic way and then bringing them back or an alternate universe or the past version or the future version.

  28. Isn't Logan technically alive anyway, just encased in adamantium?

  29. No at that point he had lost his healing factor. Which is why it was his death

  30. Japonese poem that has 3 lines. First line has 5 syllables, 2nd has 7, and 3rd has 5.

  31. ... while in episode 9 of season 1 ... ?!?

  32. They uh, "roofied" those two races into not going to war with each other

  33. Agreed. I run [[Yusri, fortune's flame]] as my cedh commander but it's basically a RU control deck to stop others from comboing while I try to draw into win cons like Thoracle and enter the infinite.(cast for free hopefully from Yusri's ability) Not meta really but functional and has a few wins under it's belt against [[gitrog]] and other known cedh decks.

  34. Quick sidenote, if you're abbreviating a color in magic, blue isn't b. It's u. Black is b. White blUe Black Red Green

  35. I know I know XD I was at work and half paying attention to what I was typing.

  36. Ah then ignore me (unless any new player sees the comment). Have a nice day

  37. I also play winconless stax and [[Winds of Abandon]] has been monumental helping me with opposing creatures once I have my locks going.

  38. Oh shit yeah I forgot about winds. I had it on my list like two weeks ago and completely forgot about it

  39. No proxies tracks, it’s pretty good considering you have to leave out the big money pieces.

  40. Most of them have only one purpose which is something I've seen the deck can't really run. Unless the card can buff my creatures while doing something else, it doesn't run well in the deck. Some are just too big of an investment or I can get a similar and somewhat better option for cheaper. Elesh norns replacement is Rick. Who doesn't just buff my creature, it normally gives them vigilance and lifelink which helps me overcome the damage some lands and enchantments I control do to me, as well as the damage yuriko does normally as well, and it also let's me attack while keeping my mana open for future moves. I'd love to put my elesh norn in the deck but it's just way too expensive for what it does (just buffs my creature and debuffs my opponent's). Beast whisperers replacement is folk hero, which, given how often my games go, is just a much better version since [[ethersworn canonist]] is the go to creature I tutor for often to stop storm decks. Archivist looks like a great add though. Hadn't thought about it really. Gotta look for it then. And to answer your edit, in order for a 3/3 to not be a threat to my creatures I normally have to use katildas ability at least 3 times for my 1/1s to be 4/4s. Which means doing nothing for 4 turns

  41. Wait ebay, tcgplayer, and cfb have the same owners?

  42. Uj/ ngl I did want to make an uncensored version but a, dunno if it's allowed here, and b, I don't wanna have kids so impregnating a sharktopus isn't ideal

  43. Hats off to two unique deck. Look fun. May have to take a look at that Sun Quan in the future.

  44. Thanks. I love humans in mtg and just love making human decks. Right now I have a cedh [[katilda, dawnhart prime]], [[jirina kudro]], and a rule 0 innistrad only katilda partnered with [[halana and alena, partners]] deck. With more to possibly come

  45. People are reliably removing Silvar when it can get indestructible and pumped be pumped out of range of minus toughness stuff? I