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  1. how can she do that?? does she have knees??

  2. And then she went on a mini narc rage. “You can’t do that! I’m literally so scared! YouTube is going demonetize everything! Ethan you literally can’t put that on the show! I’m going to get in trouble!”

  3. when she gets exposed, she goes all out: gaslighting, manipulating, guilt-tripping etc. ANYTHING but be honest.

  4. everything that came out about Shane Dawson, my friends and I used to watch him all the time now I can't stand him

  5. He's been engaged to Ryland for like 5 years now... and he's the one that proposed. Run, Ryland, run!

  6. I don’t usually ask for sauce, but hot damn. lol

  7. if she left her lips alone i wouldn't see a problem

  8. Almost 50% of the movie she's topless. This wasn't about Marilyn's story, more about her boobs.

  9. It annoys me how the book that the movie is based on is literally fiction. This woman's REAL life was so interesting, why make shit up?


  11. Never has this happened ever in the gay multiverse

  12. This is actually the case in many middle eastern countries (I'm from here)

  13. The majority of Italians support gay marriage but they STILL don't have it because of these assholes in power.

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