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  1. If you're posting here, you're not looking for the best advice; you're looking for validation on a decision you're pretty much already going to make.

  2. I agree, and the “fees” they add on to concert tickets are also ridiculous. You’re telling me my $80 concert ticket is now going up to like $105 just from fees alone? It’s bullshit

  3. A downpayment is a gesture meant to invoke confidence that the mortgage holder can obtain a pre-determined amount of money and for the lending institution to ensure they have some semblance of capital in relation to the mortgage, otherwise something like the 2008 financial crisis is more likely to occurr when the above is multiplied by hundreds of thousands of people.

  4. I like the double meaning of this statement; pride as a movement is a protest, despite people thinking it's just a celebration, and attending pride itself is usually a hell of a lot of fun ("that party was a riot!"). Dunno which one you meant, but I love it.

  5. These people are mentally ill. It's still somewhat on the guy for not suiting up; birth control isn't 100% effective

  6. How do you spell the letters without just using the letters????

  7. Besides the valid reasons mentioned here, another one worth mentioning is that Bitcoins dominance on the market is rising. At the time of writing this comment Bitcoins dominance was almost 47%, up from 42% one week ago.

  8. This is pretty much the main factor. BTC Dom rises in bear markets

  9. Make sure the advisor you speak to can identify themselves as a fiduciary and ideally a fee-only advisor. Folks from the bank tend to be salesmen intent on pushing products and may not always be savvy or well-meaning.

  10. Home inspections are pretty superficial and requesting one almost guarantees you don't get house.

  11. I've had my inspectors look at both the places I bought and it turned out great. 🤷

  12. That's crazy! Was that recently and in the GTA or GVA? Cause I hardly see that anymore. Unless they came with you to view place?

  13. 3 and 5 years ago. Not conditional on inspection, just inspection at my own discretion. Wanted to avoid a surprise if I was going in with no conditions

  14. Some LLs will write the cost off as wear and tear, and some will expect you to pay to remedy the damage. The longer you live there the more lenient I would personally be. Do you know the brand/model? Try to get an understanding of what it costs and put away money to replace it.

  15. Let them know that key deposits are not legal in Ontario and that you will be taking them to the Landlord and Tenant Board. The LTB almost always sides with the tenant because landlords are scum.

  16. That would be awkward, telling them something is illegal when it is perfectly legal in Ontario, lol

  17. I've never had bad wait times for their brokerage... Just walk into a branch to get the best advice. I know that's not always practical for a bank like national!

  18. The type who should just go to the kitchen and get the food themselves

  19. You're right to feel upset that you (in a roundabout way) paid for an elite level card and the value of that card is much less than it was, and it does a lot less than it used to.

  20. Thanks for all you do, in spite of not receiving what you deserve

  21. The market has had an upward trend forming for the last 3 days but I won't be surprised if it's just a bulltrap.

  22. I've left mine there for a week and it was fine. I honestly would probably push 2 weeks too, but that's just me.

  23. Almost all Ontario hospitals are corporations and wouldn't, in theory, be able to be "sold" by the government -- the caveat that legislation could be introduced to muddle this

  24. As much as I'd like number to go up, it's just going to get people to fomo in before it goes down again

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