1. Don’t worry, he will be out in a matter if hours and his bond will be paid for and he won’t miss a class ❤️

  2. "Your honor, I request a public defender."

  3. Some people just don't have the $$$, but they have the curiosity and interest. I know a couple of teens in my neighborhood like that.

  4. I ingrained the habit of checking clear 3x. The reason why is that if I get too relaxed (which is real life, like when learning to drive vs actually driving, etc.), I've at least checked clear 1x by muscle memory (if not 2x).

  5. After our dry, hot summer, people have amnesia when it comes to driving on wet pavement.

  6. For a place that rains like 6-8 months in a year, it's hard to remember that this is a place that rains like 6-8 months in a year.

  7. When someone crazy confronts me in my car, I just stay inside my glass and steel cage designed to withstand high speed impacts.

  8. An HMO, you MUST see doctors and specialists within their network. So...

  9. Only makes sense if you are going to live in the same house for 10 years or more. Also, consider that if you need to do any roof work, you will need to remove the panels (many roofers won't touch them for liability reasons). If you finance the panels and sell the house, there may be a lien on the the house that needs to be paid off in full at closing. Solar panels also do not consistently add value to a home right now -- heavily depends on the market.

  10. Also folks need to do a tire check with the changing of the seasons.

  11. 24/7 on a battery camera. I dont see the batteries lasting more than 1 week

  12. That's why there is a solar panel on the cam. Though it will still probably monthly charging.

  13. That is definitely the behavior of someone casing a house.

  14. If you search the sub, for later model Leafs you can charge to 100% every day if you are using it regularly. It’s just not good to store it for 2-3 months at that state of charge.

  15. I've had MVP Gold for the past 2 years and it's been well worth it. The upgrade certificates and the complimentary upgrades are very generous.

  16. Was it an aircraft swap to a Q400? If so, no FC on those planes

  17. I’ve had the same experience with the plane swap. And FC in these little planes is not too different anyway.

  18. That is part of the satire - poking at the superhero genre, corporations, capitalism, etc.

  19. I know this is unhelpful, but I just want to say how sad all of this makes me. I hate it that the best advice for a woman traveling on public transit is to close up, shut down, not make eye contact, and pretend no one else exists. So very very sad…

  20. I think it depends on your total experience on mass transit. NYC, Chicago, Paris, London, Madrid, Barcelona, Japan, etc. -- this is norm on trains/subways/metros for both men and women.

  21. I only recently beat it with 3049 attack, yellow kunai, and also the S-class boots (that make a flame to get some kills when you run circles around mobs/elites).

  22. I've been doing the same... taking apart your +1/+2 purples now and use those tokens more judiciously.

  23. Yo, I just did this too. I couldn't make a dent in it until I had >3000 ATK (3049 to be correct).

  24. Same I was just over 3000 attack as well. How'd you get so much exp to evo all your skills?

  25. Pure luck. My other skills were only 1-2 stars each (basically just to get the evo option). I just kept picking the weapon skills when I had a chance.

  26. Got a yellow kunai thanks to this system. I had 2 purple kunais and a bunch of randomly upgraded other weapons.

  27. Whether you want to or not, you will eventually release pee.

  28. In case you were wondering the actual makeup of the

  29. It’s the component of the measure that doesn’t have a lot of polling done to gauge community support so opponents have characterized that as meaning it’s unpopular (even though it’s more an unknown quantity than unpopular).

  30. You hit the key point about these districts -- while yes you can get a Hardesty/Eudaly, you can also counterbalance it with someone moderate as well.

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