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  1. hey (i’m a latina who plays vb and has a 3.8 gpa btw)

  2. spaghetti noodles — always substitute them for penne or farfalle when i’m eating pasta

  3. Yep, spaghetti is terrible. Angel hair pasta is even worse. I'm anti-pasta but will swing for penne on occasion. Have you tried spaghetti squash though? I really like it, surprisingly.

  4. never heard of that, where does the squash come in in the dish ?

  5. maybe it’s just me but scp-5853 left me disturbed and grossed tf out for a whole day 😭

  6. my mom, who has various mental illnesses, faced this same concern when she was deciding on having children or not. since her, her siblings, and her mother had mental illnesses (ADHD, OCD, anxiety, bipolar disorder, etc), it was highly likely i would face them too. because of this, she taught me about mental health awareness from a very young age (in digestible ways) and always explained the physical symptoms she exhibited so i was never left with any concern or uncertainty. when i started showing symptoms of mental trouble, she offered to put me in counseling, which i’ve been in since the sixth grade. when my mental illness started getting more prominent, she was supportive in getting me medication. honestly, having a mother who had experience with mental illness and was able to educate and support me about it from a young age made all the difference in my life. i am extremely grateful that i’m able to have a parent who knows what i’m going through and who’s able to truly empathize with me and support me.

  7. When we first bought our home I would see lights, only me and the dog apparently were the only ones. About an acre or so back it's all woods and I would see a flashlight from in the woods shining right at me it would stay on a couple seconds then off repeatedly. Once it went on shut off moved about 30ft and turned on. No way a human was capable it was within seconds. I sent my boyfriend out numerous times with the dog and came up with nothing. If it was something on the ground you'd hear the rustle. It only happened when I was alone. Then it stopped for at least 2 years now.

  8. that’s so interesting! was it multiple lights or just one?

  9. idk if it’s just me but if i see someone talking about being suicidal i will literally obsess over and worry about them for months. responsibility is my biggest theme so i think that’s why. i don’t have the exact same symptoms as you, but i understand.

  10. that’s awful what happened to those animals but i know every single person in this forum absolutely LOVES and extensively cares for their beardies to ensure their comfort and safety

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