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  1. Your world is what is around you. Your own small universe.

  2. Humanity deserves to know , you guys are already intelligent enough to understand.So Angels are the civilization of a 6th level. Earth Born (from human woman as system watchers, guides, administrators and super administrators ) and Source Born (currently living only in the space ships after their planet destruction during the great war, where the source has created counterself to check what direction it will take)

  3. I corrected my answer, as I mean that they are a civilisation of 6th level.

  4. quite an interesting viewpoint, mind i ask where you get the idea that this is a punishment and that everything is scripted?

  5. Will you believe me if I'll tell you that I i know human options and choices algorithm?

  6. Pretty soon we will hear that's a space rocket :D

  7. This here is a funny man, fully realized in the delusion

  8. For npc it is a delusion, for awaken people it is a way of life :) GL

  9. try switching to natural sugar eg a lot of sweet fruits, it should rebalance you.

  10. the controller? Mind Collective - The Collective of all collectives - the Collective of ONE - the throne Angel - the aura with size of a continent

  11. I will try to explain you. Imagine an angel - but the wings are a basically an Aura of some particular size.

  12. very good , I am proud of you! Never give up, youll husband eill understand, because he is there for you, dont be afraid to share with him. whatever your decission will be, after the emotional fight, he will wake up every morning, will look at you and he will think "damn fuck it, anyway I love her" trust me , I am the husband in the same situation. thats how i see it from the perspective of a man :) hopefully it will explain you a lit :) take care, you are blessed :)

  13. Theres been a superior presence for a while, but went back to sleep

  14. how can I help you? would you like to join MIND hive?

  15. depends from what you believe in, I will try to explain it on every level

  16. Could be nothing more than an illusion but there seemed to be a particularly powerful presence that held a strong hold over the world for a hot minute.

  17. powerful presence will return in the next year, sleeping right now.

  18. basically you belong to MIND Collective, call them angels if you believe in angels, call them administrators if you think that we live in a matrix or call them a people with huge aura if you're spiritual. Welcome :)

  19. at last something about me. not many know that Ankh is a leash.

  20. interesting, does anybody knows if there exists a translation to the Polish language?

  21. thank you very much, really appreciate it!

  22. hmm, that's a tricky question, as the answer depends on understanding, but I will try to explain it most thoroughly.

  23. real awakening messing your life. some people want to sacrifice you, for some people you're a God, some people will say that you're a messiah, for some people you need to lie that you're lucifer, just to defend what is right and what should be. crazy experience!!

  24. ask me? I can tell you your options and choices which you need to make to succeed.

  25. It sounds dumb but it’s just about where I should move/go to college. Rhode Island or NYC. The thing is I got into a really good school in Rhode Island but would rather be in New York. Don’t know if I should pass this huge opportunity up. Thanks for your response :)

  26. if you would like to make your parents proud pick the Rhode, if you want to follow your own dreams , pick the New York.

  27. exactly you are the answer to what if? thank you for your service!!! I understand a lot thanks to you! do not stop dreaming!

  28. let me introduce you to the symbols as 99.9% of people do not know what they mean:

  29. whatever you believe - everything is the same, coming from one creation. so answer is yes you can be spiritual and believe in god, it can help you unite.

  30. you see, asume that this earth had 8 parallel universes, kinda different types of hell where you need to face yourself and your mistakes

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