1. For anyone looking at this after 2 years, I found that using with-eval-after-load seems to work:

  2. A DEX is built into Stellar. It is a global orderbook where you can bid or ask any asset against any other asset where it is authorized by the asset issuer. Soon, it will have a Uniswap v2-style automated market maker and liquidity pools. This will also be built into the protocol.

  3. Can confirm, this is an issue with how Chromium/Electron handles screen sharing on Linux. I use Ubuntu, and in the past, many different distros, and all of them do this with Discord. Hopefully there will be an upstream fix to Chromium that allows it to detect and crop for multiple monitors in a Xorg display setup.

  4. Sorry, haven't tried Wayland as of now (to my knowledge, it's not stable enough for my needs.)

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