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  1. I know this is late but ima be honest. I am openly gay and I do feel insecure when I am dating a bisexual man. Why… this might be different for other people but my reason is because , bisexual men like both genders (clearly) ! This concept of bisexual men liking both genders gives us an idea that you can most likely fall in love or cheat with anyone you see (Male,female). That idea of loving not one gender but two!! (in my gay mind) says that bisexual men can fall in love or cheat with other people 2x greater than a person who loves just one gender ( Gay, Straight, lesbian,etc.) hopefully that makes sense, pretty bad at explaining stuff. But I’m kinda getting better at accepting bisexual men and avoiding the facts that I make up in my head. How… I realized that sexuality doesn’t effect how much you cheat or fall in love. Sexuality affects who you fall in love with. So how much you cheat/fall in love with another person depends on the individual and their personality/personal choices. (Hopefully this helps)

  2. Thanks for your time. I ended up breaking things off with him because ultimately I can't be with someone who doesn't trust me.

  3. these SSRIs are the real cock blockers.

  4. Ngl my bipolar medication decreasing my sex drive was a blessing lol I finally function like an adult and not an insatiable teenager.

  5. This was me with my first childhood crush. I was scrawny and he was athletic. He was one of those kids who was liked by everyone because he was tough but had a great sense of humor and stood up to bullies for kids like me. He became my best friend and I started trying to dress like him and grew my hair out to the same length as his. lol.

  6. Lights has been my celebrity crush for years and when she came out as bi my brain exploded.

  7. There's a lot of support here from people who are in the same boat as you (which is great and what you asked for) but as someone who has had relationships and sexual encounters with men and women, I just want to reiterate that you are 100% valid in your bisexuality.

  8. “In this day and age I don’t see why anyone would lie about their sexuality.”

  9. I meant about his hinge account. He obviously set his preference to everyone and then lied about it after. So still seems weird to me.

  10. I mean if he's lying it's to protect himself because he is most likely bi. And with his GF saying she "gave him the benefit of the doubt" after he said he's not bi then it sounds like he has a good reason for staying closeted.

  11. I'm a 28 year old bisexual dude who loves to sleep around and has participated in threesomes, had FWB, just all around an unashamed whore but when it comes to being in a relationship I'm 100% committed every time, no matter what.

  12. Lots of jokes here and that's what I expected but I have a serious response lol.

  13. I went vegan because my boyfriend was and he insisted on doing all the shopping/cooking so after we broke up and I decided to keep up with the lifestyle, this has happened to me WAY too many times to count lol

  14. Driving in a snowstorm at 2 in the morning to hook up with a guy I met online lol after I slid into a truck and totaled my car I really couldn't believe what I'd done

  15. I drove all the way to a different state in the middle of a bad rainstorm, with two broken windshield wipers, just to get a blowjob. I get it 😂😂😂

  16. Timothee Chalamet. I legit feel guilty for fantasizing about him because he seems like such a sweet, down to earth guy.

  17. I really love Our Flag Means Death. Stede and Blackbeard are fuckin adorable. Also even though they're super toxic I enjoyed Mickey and Ian in Shameless lol

  18. Hey my man, sounds like you're placing a shit ton of unnecessary guilt on yourself. It's easier said than done but you gotta let that shit go. Everything feels like a big deal at 18 but trust me and everyone else showing you support here, you're overreacting (and I say that in the most loving way possible).

  19. This is actually the opposite of what I've heard from the straight guys I know (ya know, the ones who feel like they need to talk about why they could never be with a man the second they find out you're bi).

  20. My first bi experience was with a girl (I'm a guy) a few years after I realized I wasn't just into guys.

  21. Experiences can be somewhat emotional. Especially when it’s so impacting in terms of “who” we are. Thanks for sharing. Im almost sure I was in a daze after getting dick for the 1st time

  22. Very true. I think for me it was confirming that my previous relationship was really over so it made it a little hard to fully appreciate how much I liked it.

  23. Fentanyl.. in Canada opiate ODs have jumped by 98% since 2021...

  24. I got ahold of some weed one time that was laced with Fentanyl. Thought I was fuckin dying. That shit is no joke.

  25. For most people it is to learn how it will fuck your relationship up so you can stop dreaming about it.

  26. We're doing it while being happily married, and it has only enhanced our relationship

  27. I hope you are able to get some help and get clean! Addiction is so hard and I hope you get the help and support that you need! We believe in you!

  28. Porn, my guy. Whenever I'm in a relationship and having sex with another gender crosses my mind I just fulfill those needs in private.

  29. Do you eat chocolate, cashews, avocados, or any other food products that are produced through slavery and child labor? Because if you do, I think you should rethink your stance on that. Drug users are victims too, addiction isn’t pretty, no one wants to be on these drugs. I’ve been in active addiction since I was 17, im almost 21. My entire adult life I’ve fought really hard to get off this stuff. It’s extremely disheartening to see communities like the vegan one victim blame and shame drug use, that only contributes further to peoples addiction.

  30. Good luck to you. I don't have to tell you that most people won't understand the struggle and will likely always think of addicts as trash. It's especially hard for people like us who have been dealing with this shit since we were teenagers. I hope you can get clean. I'm pulling for you.

  31. You should worry more about not doing drugs than being vegan….plant based burgers can’t kill you but pcp can

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