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  1. There is a scene where Michael is driving the little car talking to Buster in jail. Its a split screen with a shot of buster jail and just his voice. For Michael, the shot of him is in the car, but its all blurred over by sun flares. It was about 3 min long and you couldn't see Michael actually talking actually talking in his split screen footage. It was impressive/great/funny(of course)!

  2. That’s not dubbing. Audio and video are from different takes that’s all. It’s not like they went into the studio in post and read their lines over the video.

  3. The sound quality seems to change quite a bit though.

  4. For 5+ years now, I have been trying to figure out what the song is that plays during the montage of them working at the casino is. A jaunty sort rollicking tune. I've done other things in theses 5 yeas of course, but this song is my white whale. I've tried all the usual routes to figure it out (Shazam, IMDB, vain/weird attempt at writing the film's composer etc...) Anyone know what it is? What I'm talking about? Its a really neat bit of music - pretty sure not an original for the movie.

  5. Yeah it looks like its in an elevator (or maybe large shiny birdcage?)

  6. Is it OK to leave an extinguisher in your vehicle long term, given the extreme temperature fluctuations inside a parked vehicle?

  7. Yeah they can take the heat. Additionally, its a pretty regulated/monitored industry (for good cause!), so there aren't any dodgy/sketchy ones even out there to buy. Even old/expired ones are fine to use (but not ideal o'course). Spray and pray...

  8. My work truck - a 2019 F-150 with 20k miles on it - had a random, wildly destructive engine fire on it a few weeks back. The extinguisher saved the day - bigger is better!

  9. Most of your coastal streams have excellent cutthroat trout fishing. Wilson, Trask, Nicanium. Take a fly rod - I always start with a Irresistible Adams and go from there. Just do me a favor and catch and release. Oregon does a poor job at tracking trout populations in coastal Rivers .

  10. The Wilson is great and is oddly close to Portland. Quite pretty and good for swim'n too!

  11. You haven’t? In this economy?

  12. our current economy is about as strong as its ever been in terms of employment and growth - thats why guitar prices are going up!

  13. I read GC laid off 1100 staff last week, and cut the hours of 400 others to part-time (no benefits).They're getting ready for changes in the market

  14. Ah thats rough. If you work there, I hope you are hanging in there.

  15. Such a weird mindset. Music isn’t a contest.

  16. Yeah of course not. I don't think the guy in the video or the poster said it was. It's fun to see someone display their incredible skill/competence in a playful way isn't it ? Ah, who knows,,,

  17. How you know they were drunk? Who amongst hasn't hit a power pole from time time midday?

  18. We called! PBOT is already here. Actually surprised how quickly they came to check it out.

  19. Thats nice to hear. City Gov is pretty alright.

  20. The human element makes things more complex

  21. The Endangered Species Act and salmon are a good motivation too. It is ironic that both Metro and the Multnomah County soil and water districts are responsible.

  22. How are these people threatening endangered species? Which species? Is there any data that shows water quality or salmonid habitat being degraded? Are there other entities/businesses in that area that might be impacting the waterway/listed species more? If they are having a greater impact, would they be a better target for alarm and concern?

  23. That area is part of the Columbia Slough natural area. It falls under Portland Parks and Rec.

  24. What is pollutant that you think these people are putting into the groundwater? Is it any worse than pollutants from the many industrial operations in the area? Worse than the pollutants from the nearby roads?

  25. A lot of groceries did that all the way until covid... Another fucking small thing taken away forever.

  26. Albertsons and Fred Meyers have the free kid cookies flowing again.

  27. Honestly I'm more intrigued by how your fingers are only like 80% as long as I'd expect them to be. They look so stubby.

  28. everyone's hands/feet are weird in their own way

  29. Alameda crossing 33rd seems more worthy of attention. Always quite dodgy getting across with cars coming up the hill in a hurry.

  30. Yeah, I don't think the Naito project is finished yet. There will surely be no parking signs at completion.

  31. surely possible. a good start would to be have a table (like in a csv) of the boat locations with their X and Y coordinates.

  32. in general, a regression line/formula won't be very informative with data distributed like that

  33. Interesting, but confusing. What does a stick figure in the middle represent? Some date and location halfway between 1790 and 2020? Is it assumed that the population moved west consistently?

  34. It is assumed that population has moved westward because of the annexation of states up until the 50s then the commercialisation of air conditioning after that.

  35. gotcha. you could convey that on the map somehow. even a title like "the westerly progression of population center" would get at it.

  36. Nitrous Oxide is not dangerous in general. (even though it really seems like it would be). It's routinely used at hospitals all over the world in much higher doses than these guys in the car.

  37. ah james booker is the best eh? well, maybe not in the JGB context, but still - the master

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