1. I tried to use an AR15 buffer on a Aero M5 upper/lower/bcg. Just never worked right no matter how I set the AGB. Got a JP AR10 buffer and it worked well after that.

  2. 1/8 inch might be over kill try 3/32 then maybe 7/64 before you hog it out

  3. Fair enough. I went 2 sizes up from what mine was drilled and I thought it was 1/8" but that could have been the next size and I'm speaking incorrectly. Just ask my wife, she'll tell you I'm wrong most of the time.

  4. I think you would be fine to do this. As you mentioned you don't miss mass, and you take your grandmother (huge props for that). If anything it will strengthen your commitment to not miss mass. Granted I'm sure they won't need you every weekend as they usually rotate through the list.

  5. Educate me please, or send me somewhere to be educated. What's an Arisaka? What caliber would it be? What would it be worth?

  6. Okay, so that's a Series 32 made at the Tokyo Kogo arsenal, 21xxx serial is fairly early production for that series, so probably in the vicinity of late 1941 production.

  7. Okay. I thought the barred rock was roo. The waddle looks roo-ish to me. Probably wrong. I'm new-ish to these things.

  8. Yep. My last motorcycle trip was down the blue ridge parkway. Beautiful country up there.

  9. What kind of cookies? From scratch or a bag/box? And has she given the ass a good slapping when she walked through the kitchen?

  10. Pumpkin cheesecake my dude. All scratch made, I barely make anything out of a box. Made scratch Mac and cheese also. Buddy brought over his kids and some “official” Oktoberfest beers. Was a good night.

  11. Very nice! I also scratch make my cookies and my wife always says they taste the best. I just remind her you have add a little love in there while making them. I had an Oktoberfest earlier, might have another in a bit.

  12. Waterproof(tall) and snake proof until the weather cools down enough for them to start hibernation.

  13. So, easy calculation then. Cost per egg = total $ investment in your chickens / 2

  14. I have no clue how much I've spent on them. Obviously easily over $1000. We got a 3rd egg yesterday, so each egg is $333.333. I feel they should be coated in gold maybe.

  15. Cost per egg will go down but never approach store prices. ;)

  16. I know. I like having fresh eggs that I know where they came from, and I think my neighbors enjoy the chickens more than we do.

  17. Please do everything in your power to replace the angle grinder with some other tool.

  18. I hear ya, but I can't cut tile with an oscillating tool. I have wet saws for the tile but I only had 6 cuts so I wasn't pulling them down and setting them when I can easily do that with the grinder. Slow and steady and don't try to cut to much in one go is my recipe for success.

  19. Oof, be careful with the angle grinder! Maybe not as big of an issue with a diamond blade (I'm guessing that's what you're using since you're cutting tile), but I've seen too many incidents where a cut off wheel breaks because of being used at a wrong angle.

  20. Definitely a diamond blade!! Every time I use a cut off wheel(granted it's not that oftenl I fear for my life knowing what occasionally happens with those.

  21. Exactly this. I have tried putting seat up but then he loses some confidence as he can't touch the floor.

  22. I'm also assuming you had him on a strider bike before this? Those things are amazing what they do for the kids.

  23. Yeah, and before the strider he had a wide wheel balance bike. He did briefly use stabilisers (training wheels) but not in the conventional sense. I'd put books under them to raise his back wheel just so he could pedal statically in the living room and get used to the motion. After a couple of weeks of that, paired with continuous use of the balance bike he was away on the pedals in no time. He's also been with me on my bike on the shotgun seat from a young age, so that helped too.

  24. This is the way. Good job dad. My kid went from the strider to pedaling with zero issues, granted he was 5ish.

  25. Hers a funny picture of a dog with a gun carried in a "holster". Enjoy your night ladies and gents.

  26. I'm confused. Rule 1 - any post that does not relate to the carrying of a weapon in a legal manner. The post is about a holster that I ordered to carry my gun in a legal manner. That's pretty related. I added the dog pic because I didn't have any body text and thought it would be good humor on this lovely evening.

  27. Mine stay pretty well in place. I switch out the clips for soft loops though, so I can't really comment on the clip setup. I would think though that if the soft loops/struts stay put, then the clips should as well.

  28. I ordered the metal clips, so maybe they'll hold it tighter to the belt. I do like the idea of the loops though. Maybe one day.

  29. If we happened to live close I would throw one together and have a bunch of strangers shower her with gifts and blessings. Shower crashers!

  30. Sign of peace was my favorite part of mass as a new catholic. I couldn't take communion. Connecting with as many people as possible was connecting with the body of Christ. Should we not be focused on each other as a community over some silent solemn connection we could be having it at home?

  31. If you can't take communion go up and get a blessing. If what your calling "some silent solemn connection we could be having at home" is the transfiguration of the eucharist into the body and blood of Jesus Christ, then no we absolutely can not get that at home. That is the single most important part of the mass, and honestly the only thing you should be focused on at this time is our Lord and savior coming down from heaven and turning a simple piece of bread(host) and wine into his body and blood for us to partake and receive his blessings and grace.

  32. I think it's all important. We come to eat. But who comes to a dinner, eats, and does nothing else.

  33. At least you didn't get sent to surgery like my FIL did. Still a story told today 20 years later.

  34. I haven’t put the sight tape on it yet. But apparently it’s one where I just draw the line myself instead of having the measurements on it.

  35. What brand is it? Looks like a trophy ridge, but I know they have yardage tape.

  36. First off, to anyone that doesn't know me, my opinions are worth exactly what you paid for them; absolutely nothing. second, the pistol has many good things going for it, I was attracted by the capacity. I shot a 9mm micro-compact model that held 14 rounds.

  37. I like your style! You said "most of my hands just swallowed up the gun", how many hands do you have? Yes the trigger issue is a potential problem, but with practice it's manageable. I had to actively try and cause that problem, but I eventually went with an Apex trigger kit upgrade and it's amazing!!

  38. I'd rather stub my big toe on a coffee table than carry that gun.

  39. Apex trigger kit. The only one needed besides maybe eventually replacing the dot.

  40. He has a Gen 2 trigger he needs to use it not change it

  41. I will say I am not familiar with the gen 2 triggers. I guess I should go finger some and see how they feel. But for my gen 1 it was a fantastic upgrade.

  42. Everywhere here in New England 🤷🏼‍♂️

  43. I wish. I don't drink much anymore, but I always make sure and buy a few packs of those because they're so damn good. Leinenkugel also has a great Octoberfest, along with many other flavors.

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