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  1. Well at least they’re selling it and not the fish, so I’m hoping they’ve realised the error of their ways and are selling it to get a bigger more suitable tank.

  2. For bass focused show off, it is always Daft Punk - Doin it Right

  3. Thanks for that, obviously first chance I get I’m going to try these suggestions see how they sound.

  4. Don’t know if this is allowed here but it’s just a thought that came to me. You know when a friend comes round and says “wow nice set up, how does it sound?” Well I’m sure we all have a track that we’d go to because it sounds amazing. Anyway I googled the question and one review guy came up with this,

  5. To say the truth, I sorta believe this one — towards the end, Elvis was behaving more like a businessman, wanting to start his own record label, and foster up and coming talent, amongst other things. So why wouldn’t he want to expand his own repertoire?

  6. I hear what you’re saying but you have to keep in mind Elvis had a lot of ideas over the years, things he wanted to do, plans he would sound out, but as we know so many of these things sadly never came to anything.

  7. I do agree with you there. But you know what, in this instance, I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt if only because his tours has begun to be less profitable for him. Yes they were still selling out at concerts, but the traditional rise in record sales in the towns he was singing in were drying up. So even the Colonel would agree that there would need to be a change in the business model — when the movies stopped paying, they changed it up. Since the tours were beginning to crack and not do what they used to, they’d do something else.

  8. You might be right, I still remain sceptical, I really don’t see how writing songs with Loretta Lyn would be changing it up but I guess we’ll never know.

  9. I’ve been a fan for just over 50 years and I’ve never heard of this.

  10. My thoughts exactly — I mean, did Elvis sing it? I’m almost sure he did at some point. But enough for a published and professional written piece to mention it? Something seems off to me.

  11. In all honesty I’ve never heard mention of any link between him and that song either singing it formally or informally, or even if he liked it or not. You say there was a clipping on Instagram, have you got a link?

  12. If you’ve got one that’s established in the tank then adding a new one can cause a bit of aggression regardless of sex.

  13. I haven’t had fish for a few years, and I have to wait a month until my lease starts to set this one up haha

  14. Ha ha, enjoy it. Any way you can use that month productively in terms of getting it cycled so you can dive straight in as it were when you’re ready?

  15. Unfortunately not, but that gives me plenty of time to work on the hardscape and initial plant setup. I see it as having an underwater zen garden for a while until I build up that beneficial bacteria.

  16. I have one that I bought recently and I love it. It’s hard to say how it compares to something else of course but for the £160 (U.K.) I paid for it from Amazon I can’t fault it. I use it to run a pair of Q acoustics 3020 speakers and a 3070 sub. Mainly listen to Amazon music via Bluetooth from my phone, I also have my lg oled tv connected via Bluetooth and it sounds amazing.

  17. Fact is pedestrians always have right of way.

  18. He was called Henry Magee - not his father though

  19. No it wasn’t his name was Jackie Wright, Henry McGee was the dark haired thin man who always played the straight role.

  20. Sorry has anyone asked why we have a picture of a gibbon?

  21. Bolan was always hungry for fame and on seeing all the coverage in the papers when Elvis died he commented to a friend what a terrible time this would be to die. That was August 16th 1977, exactly one month later to the day on September 16th 1977 Bolan was killed.

  22. “Not going out” is a good old school type sitcom. I know it’s been out a few years but if she hasn’t seen it it’s worth a go. It’s not on at the moment but I’m pretty sure it’s on the iPlayer if she has access to that.

  23. Seriously I think you’re over complicating the heater situation, either will work exactly the same, they run on a thermostat that will maintain the heat at a constant, if anything swapping them up actually might upset that constant. Just use the 100w all the time it’ll just switch off when the waters warm enough. Also please fill the tank up to the top, I don’t see any reason for not doing this, in fact your temperature gauge is above the water line so you’re not even getting an accurate reading. Personally I would go out and get myself I nice piece of wood to sit in the middle of the tank as a hardscape centrepiece, it’ll improve the look a lot. Really not being negative just giving honest and hopefully constructive criticism.

  24. Yes I’ll probably take the 50w heater out. At the time of typing this, the water level is higher, and my gauges are all deep enough into the water to receive accurate readings. The thermometer has a probe that’s deeper into the tank. The water is above the heaters minimum water line. I was actually looking at drift wood pieces yesterday, just didn’t really like any of them at my LFS. I don’t really enjoy going to petco or petsmart. I’ll find one on Amazon.

  25. Ah yes of course your thermometer has a probe, didn’t think if that. Anyway good luck with it all, you’ll get a lot out of this hobby.

  26. But Batman isn’t a superhero, he’s a crime fighter. Spiderman is a super hero as he has super powers, so they aren’t the same.

  27. That’s a tough one, I’ve searched and there’s nothing from what I can see. In fact the only photo from that concert I’ve found is this one

  28. Yeah it defenitly is a toughy, from all the searching I've done I haven't found it at all, I'm hoping that someone's parent/grandparent had taken a photo of that scene though and now has it somewhere in their house/photo book

  29. Yeah that would be amazing to see, there must be one somewhere. It’s crazy that of all the thousands and thousands of pictures out there it seems there is only that one from that particular show, typical!

  30. Pretty sure that’s the same graphic equaliser I had back in the 80’s I used to have mine set about the same then too, maybe a little more mid but not far off. Do the sliders not have red led lights? They’re in that little horizontal groove on each one they should light up

  31. Vacuuming the gravel is how I remove water from my tank, makes sense to try and get rid of any gunk too.

  32. As a kid many years ago I had a book about thunderbirds, captain scarlet, etc and I remember there was a section where the puppets were actually based on real famous actors so it's very possible that he was based on Cary Grant.

  33. Fill it up and fully submerge that heater otherwise it could fail and even crack. As others have said re live plants etc, but in particular get some real wood, mopani or bogwood, for that pleco to chew on they need it.

  34. Does it need cleaning? I do my fluval filter once every 4 to 6 months. Just a tip the ridged pipes are notorious for gathering gunk so if your flow reduces then take them off and blast them through with a hosepipe, you’ll be a,aged how much crap will come out. Also I don’t know if you’re aware but there’s a ball in the bottom of the inlet in the tank (in the cage bit) that also gets clogged so clean that bit too.

  35. They’re Platies. Also you need a heater for them, unless you have and I can’t see it, and fill the tank to the top so the waterline is just out of site behind the top plastic trim.

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