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  1. I don’t get it. In the google pay app you can just send it straight to your bank account.

  2. I don't think you can in most countries.

  3. Use the free withdrawal to something like Kraken, swap there, and then move back? Save yourself over £500?

  4. What situation are you describing?!

  5. The underlying lock mechanism takes custody of the full amount in the lock, and cannot be accessed until the lock releases the funds in whole when the unbonding period completes.

  6. That's incorrect. Osmosis chain does allow for partial unbonding, it's just the normal web front end doesn't show it yet. If you use the Cosmostation app, you can go to Osmosis there, and under beta, it has ability to partially unbond.

  7. The only way to do this is via Cosmostation at the moment. Under their Osmosis beta section.

  8. Yes. Original card just sees a refund.

  9. They're dead man switches. He has macros set up that activate when he tweets these random codes. I.e. move funds from X to Y etc.

  10. Just input your seed from the DeFi app, into MetaMask, and you'll see all your ERC20 tokens. I don't think MetaMask supports Cronos/Cosmos chains though does it? I use Keplr wallet to see my Cosmos chains.

  11. Went through twitter and found this link to TC network, never heard of it but before but I thought it was worth the risk as I fear a big drop this week in prices, it worked:) got the rebus to osmo

  12. Never heard of that, sure it's safe?

  13. If ftx can go down, CDC can definitely go down. I'm not saying it's going to. But to ignore the possibility is foolish.

  14. You can even move them to the CDC Defi wallet. Anything that isn't the app/exchange basically!

  15. Yes. All defi wallets are just a front end, for viewing your tokens on the Blockchain. If you create a CDC Defi Wallet, you can enter that seed phrase into any other wallet (Keplr, MetaMask, Trust etc) and you'll see all your tokens there too.

  16. Withdrew everything and sold my CRO on Friday. It was pretty depressing all round seeing my original £3000 CRO stake become like £600!

  17. I'm hopeful as well, just freaked out due to all the insane things happening in crypto lately. I don't plan on moving back to any CEX until things clear up and want to continue HODLing the USDT (Arbitrum network) and USDC(TRC20) in the wallet.

  18. Arbitrum is supported by all the major exchanges. So you can transfer your coins there, and withdraw on any other network you want. Or use the Arbitrum bridge.

  19. Hey thanks for the very helpful guidance man. I should have looked more into it, and decided to send them over for liquidation (I"ll have to do it through a friend as I'm in a country that's banned crypto essentially).

  20. You can go to Uniswap and swap your USDT to ETH (on Arbitrum) and then deposit that ETH to Binance or CDC on Arbitrum network. It's perhaps just USDT that they don't support via Arbitrum, as they definitely both support ETH.

  21. Sold Friday. Moved my bag and split it between Atom, EVMOS and Tori. Already up about 25% Vs if I had left it.

  22. Pls don't buy any more. Things aren't good at CDC right now.

  23. I'm not sure I understand the question. I was just making an argument that most need a Cex, to enter the world of Defi, for on and off ramp of fiat.

  24. Sorry, I'm still no clearer how most people get their money into DeFi if not via a Cex?

  25. There is zero difference between FTT and CRO, just crypto.com hasn't had a bank run yet.

  26. You can't get anything out of Sifchain. It's been a rug pull for a couple of weeks (months?) now.

  27. PlutusDao any relationship to Plutus.it (with its PLU token)?

  28. Sort of like a sweet mayonnaise? It's delicious I think. Good on cheese sandwiches.

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