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  1. Los que sí tienen como para mirarse al espejo argentino, son los españoles

  2. Pero yo todo el tiempo escucho a gente en toda América Latina decir que España es lo mejor del mundo, que es mejor que USA e Inglaterra. Digo, mejor que América Latina, seguro sobretodo por el tema de la seguridad, pero dudo que la economía española sea mejor que la británica o la estadounidense.

  3. I'm gay so most people won't ask me these things

  4. I wish you a fast and safe recovery

  5. You locked young healthy people down, destroyed their connections with others, called them selfish for wanting to have basic human interactions, made them unemployed and destroyed their job opportunities and chances of upward mobility. It’s a fucking disgrace, and we’re supposed to be shocked?

  6. Another test I will not take

  7. ok, this feels a little bit like fear mongering.

  8. I was just watching a video about this and the YouTuber compares to a video of a CNN host saying that vaccines stop transmission. Isn't that misinformation also? If so, why is this latter video still up?

  9. Destruction, that's the first word that comes to mind when I hear pandemics legacy

  10. You are a sellout. And you should be embarrassed to have had a hand in producing Christian nationalist propoganda. People keep saying you do what you have to for $. Yeah sure, but not when it involves something directly in opposition to your existence. Something about putting my community down for $ is a big FUCK NO. Edit : And id like to add if you’re struggling so hard with freelancing, go get a second job that actually pays bi weekly. Then you don’t have to take shit jobs that hurt our community.

  11. Well-off and privileged gays are something else. His actions may have not been the best, I agree, but you don't know his financial situation. It could have made the difference between starving and eating something.

  12. Any work done to prop up a hateful Baptist preacher who would have your community decimated for a few bucks is shameful at best. Please learn from this! Our community is under attack please don’t help our enemies. Those who would excuse your actions remind me of the Jews who sold out their own in the ghettos and camps for an extra loaf of bread. It’s disgusting!

  13. Because at least in the US, Latin America and almost everywhere right-wing and conservative parties are anti-gay pro-religion and socially conservative

  14. South America is weird politically...

  15. Dude, you get it! That's what I've been saying for months. In other parts of the world, the circumstances are different. South America is the best example. We have right-wing neoliberals like Lacalle Pou (Uruguay), and religious conservatives like Lasso (Ecuador) who either support or just accept same-sex marriage.

  16. is Canada ever going to leave Covid behind?

  17. Monkeypox was the pandemic they wanted, but never came to be. 67k cases globally unfortunately for Big Pharma.

  18. Give it up. No one wants these for their kids. Holy hell focus on something else

  19. after seeing the very low percentage of vaccinated kids, it looks like even Covidians don't want to vaccinate their kids.

  20. The obsession continues. These vaccines haven't worked as we still are under mass hysteria and paranoia. Why try again?

  21. Yes, let's bomb Tehran again (we already are) and see if that leads to democracy like it did in Iraq and Libya and Syria.

  22. Bombing? Not even the most war addict would bomb Teheran. The change has to come from inside. I vehemently opposed the invasion of Iraq, Libya and the war in Syria because I knew the situation would worsen. It did. BTW, those regimes were not as brutal to women as Iran has been. Hell, Syria was kind of progressive compared to the rest of the Middle East.

  23. You are NOT supposed to criticize Iran since Iran is a muslim/islamic country...

  24. The western left has lost the path. I am progressive, but the woke mob has taken over and ruined everything.

  25. The worst social media platform out there, and that's saying something. Full of bots , fake news and toxic drama.

  26. Women were speaking out about this in 2021, but they were quickly silenced. I guess "believe all women" didn't apply here.

  27. The Chinese are used to totalitarianism, but even for them lockdown was too much.

  28. Typical headline from the Washington Compost. That "friend" would be resting 6ft under if i found out anyone injected my kid with anything.

  29. The fact that a "respected media outlet" dares to publish something like this is sickening.

  30. I watch about 6 TV shows (NCIS, FBI, Magnum PI and used to watch Law and Order before it became too political last year).

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