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  1. Sorry for creating another comment. But I had a thought that I need to share with someone lol.

  2. Seriously though where be the merch? I'd like Adar's axe decoy lol It's so deceptive everyone believed it was the real sword 😆

  3. Hopefully, yeah. If Ikea is reading this I'd like a merch-tie-in table similar to that dinner scene in Lindon 😆

  4. That's what the writers say, but the producers seem to want it quicker!

  5. It will be hard but I'll wait. I want them to have as much time as they need to do their job.

  6. There've been a lot of posts of people picking up the Silmarrilion because of the show.

  7. I think a lot of us can see it. It should really be obvious to anyone who takes the time to see. They’ll get the recognition they deserve, they just have to be patient. In this world of instant gratification, real artistry can easily go missed for a while.

  8. I’ve been in that situation too. It’s upsetting to be sure. But you have to rise above it and focus on all the people who think the work is good. You can’t please everyone. And also I take comfort that many people who criticize something early on later come round to appreciating it. It’s important to have confidence in what you’re doing and the quality of it. But yeah, it’s annoying when it happens!

  9. Great post. My contribution to this theme and character arc of hers:

  10. Celebrimbor's weird story about Morgoth and the Silmarils is also about reflections.

  11. Think we're onto something here...

  12. It's hard to say since we haven't had the reveal yet and I also can't tell if part of Brimby's story is just bs or hubris. I have the suspicion that the promise of redemption is a false one.

  13. If Halbrand is actually “just a guy” then had to have been raised as a nobleman because of his proficiency with mounted combat. So either he was raised in a functioning kingdom in The Southlands (seems unlikely given people don’t talk about “the king that was promised” about a dynasty that was around like ten years ago) or grew up in a functioning kingdom somewhere else.

  14. I’m nearly 52 and can tell you that’s abjectly false and I feel bad for whoever told you that

  15. Yeah, I had the suspicion that it's not true and the more I "grow up" the more I realise that it will probably never be true for me. Thanks for the confirmation lol! Maybe it's just people becoming bitter. And I feel bad for them, too.

  16. I love many parts of it, because I can see the passion that went into it. To the point where it makes me want to fangirlsquee with joy. People kept telling me that it is a normal part of growing up that you can't feel like this about media anymore if you take away the nostalgia factor, but it's not. At least that's how I feel.

  17. imagine how cool it would be to play a character and people are like “oh who do you play?” And you get to be like “the lord of the rings”

  18. That's got to be peak coolness. It's even cooler with Second Age Sauron than Third Age Sauron, imo.

  19. Waldreg completes his character arc as Uber capable henchman by sneaking past Valinor and the Valar, opening the door of night and releasing Morgoth back into the world.

  20. Beware Greeks bearing gifts! Who else was known as a gift giver? Oh no…

  21. Or Waldreg thanked himself because he is Sauron.

  22. Absolutely! He showed professionalism and brought a large project to completion even under time constraints. He should contact HR to certify eligibility.

  23. Not only does LOTR have a very slow beginning, it has some slow middle sections and a very slow ending :P

  24. What about a middle ground? A Sauron that is somewhat repentant but can't help deceiving and manipulating at times.

  25. Maybe those humans wouldn’t want to escape if Adar provides a competitive compensation package, 401K, and other benefits [minus dental coverage]. On a serious note, there wasn’t a confirmation if Halbrand served Adar the way Waldreg does presently.

  26. Apparently, there have been numerous complaints about workplace favouritism from the human employees. Though I believe these claims will most likely prove to be baseless.

  27. I was listening to that track and I noticed it includes Galadriel's theme. Coupled with the promotional pictures we saw of her yesterday apparently in Eregion holding her brother's dagger, I was wondering if maybe the forging of the rings will be shown in the last episode and each one of the Three will require its wielder to sacrifice something, with Galadriel providing the dagger.

  28. I for one was very happy to see horsemen using lances instead of just swords.

  29. I loved the horse riding scene and the spear. And the soundtrack… It was so good.

  30. There is only one true King of the Southlands. Only one who can heal Middle-earth. And he does not share power.

  31. That dagger is just so great. It seems like every time I think about it, I notice another additional cool thing about it.

  32. Finally she changed her outfit. How long did she stay in Numenor with the same blue dress lol?

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